Two Julia backlist titles newly added to EPB!

Hey y’all!

We’re trying to get all the backlist titles up here slow but sure. These titles have been up on Amazon and Nook for about a year, but we want to give everyone a chance to buy them direct if y’all missed them the first time around!

Today I uploaded:

Post Obsession.

Markus is a man of sophisticated tastes. His pleasures are considered scandalous in fact. So when the mysterious letters begin to arrive, telling him how the unknown E. has been following him about the streets of Georgian London, he is concerned. And as the letters get more explicit, aroused. From clandestine meetings in the stews of the city, to the seemingly stolid world of the country, Post Obsessions follows the adventures Markus and his anonymous admirer as they play a dangerous game of cat and mouse that could lose Markus his place in society for good.

This book has been previously published. The publisher may have changed

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And Completely Alien, writing as Minerva Howe

Space soldier John figures his favorite sexual fantasy is completely alien, and he would never tell anyone about it. When he retires, though, his squad all get together to buy him a weekend at the exclusive Planet Fantasy, a place where even the most private and bizarre dreams can come true. From the fancy rooms to his super-hot room steward Denis, John loves everything about the manmade planet, but will the reality of his fantasy live up to the fantasy he’s had all these years?

Warning: This is a m/m erotica story of about 8800 words featuring a space soldier, some aliens, and some very kinky uses of machines.

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