Turtlehat Creatives is a boutique publisher with select clients and is not taking open submissions at this time. Please contact us at with inquiries.

Turtlehat Creatives is for authors of MM and LGBTQ romance, YA and horror. Submissions should be between 20000 and 120000 words. All published works will be provided professional editing, proofreading, and provided a cover by a professional artist. All submissions should be clean manuscripts of your best work. No rough drafts or partial manuscripts. Submissions should be sent in MS Word Docx files, 1.5 spaced 12 pt Times New Roman.

Turtlehat Creatives pays 50% net on all sales at third party distributors and 50% gross of all onsite sales.

Our contract period if three years and exclusive but we never ask for right of first refusal and never ask for rights to your work we won’t use..

Dark Rainbow Horror Imprint

Do you write queer horror? Are you an own voices or ally horror writer? Query us at about our new queer horror imprint Dark Rainbow Horror. We’re looking for novella and novel length horror with queer characters. We’re not necessarily looking for romance, though romance elements are fine. We;’re not looking for bring out your dead gays stories. We want original horror tales. We want horror where the story moves and something happens. Think outside the horror box and wow us. Please query before sending full manuscripts.