Happy Release Day Nature Call by BA Tortuga

New release for BA Tortuga! Nature Call, the first MM only installment in the Call series, was set to release Jan 1 with ARE as the publisher. This was up for preorder, but never saw the light of day!

Love energy heals, but it can also overwhelm.

Healer Joshua was never a favorite in his pack—always different and misunderstood. When his cousin Wendy needs help during the late stage of her pregnancy, he’s happy to leave Montana for the Colorado mountains. Maybe now he can find a place to belong.

Parker moves up the ranks of his Colorado pack with dogged determination, and when his Alpha charges him to keep an eye on Joshua, he’s pleased to get the assignment. Once he gets to know the wolf he wants to stop calling Joshua a job.

When Parker’s new work takes him away and Joshua spends most of his energy on the new mom, things start to get dangerous. Can Parker keep Joshua safe, even from himself?

Click here for the buy link and more information!

The other two call books are reprints and are:

Mating Call MMF Menage           Alpha Call MF

Much Love Y’all



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