Velvet Quartet – A VG Resurrection Novel

About Velvet Quartet

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 52300

Page Count (pdf):  191

ISBN: 978-1-988377-23-0

Date Published: November 20, 2016

Publisher: Sean Michael

Genre: BDSM, Sci Fi

Price: $5.99

Heat Rating: 

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When his mam gets sick, Bene D’Ami’s brother Malif sells his services to two different men to earn the money they need to make her better. When both of Malif’s markers are called in at the same time, Bene must step in and fulfill one of the contracts. He arrives at the Velvet Glove an innocent who would rather still be in university with his books than at the pleasure club.

For his part, Master Dumont Westingcoat just wants to have a boy who will pleasure him and who he can whip on a regular basis. He’s shocked and somewhat dismayed when he discovers that his new boy is actually completely untried, and not the experienced lifetime sub he’s paid for. How can he continue on knowing he’s been duped?

Two men come into their lives to help build a bridge between Dumont and Bene. Tupo is a Glove submissive who is happy to serve. He comes to live with Bene and Dumont until he has taught Bene all he needs to know to be the consummate sub. Meanwhile, Dumont turns to his neighbor, fellow master, Gregori, for companionship and advice.

Can these four men become something more than two masters and two subs who must figure out how to work together? Find out in the newest addition to the Velvet Glove world.


Chapter One

Bene D’Ami stared at the huge building, his head throbbing. He couldn’t do this.

He couldn’t. Malif had been wrong. This was a terrible mistake and he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t walk up to this huge, shining building and tell them he was there to belong to another man to be used for five full cycles.

Mam was so sick, though, and Malif had sold his own favors. To two men at the same time. No one had imagined both men would call in their markers at the same time.

No one. And now.

Now here he was.

He found his comm and called up his brother. “I can’t do this.”

“Of course you can, Bene. You look just like me. Enough to pass anyway. It’s not like we can pay the money back, and if I get sent to jail for fraud, we’ll lose the money I’m making, too.” Malif leaned close to the comm camera. “It’s only five cycles. I know you can do this. You might even enjoy it!”

“Five cycles. I’ve only been alive twenty!”

“I’m sorry, Bene. I am. I had to do it for Mam. I never thought they’d both call in their markers at the same time. Never.”

“But I don’t know how to be… a pleasure worker.”

“You aren’t. I took that job. You’ll be someone’s pet. One person. One man. That’s it.”

“But he’s expecting you. Malif, you’re so… so flamboyant and exciting and I am not.”

“You’re special in your own right, Bene. Besides, he doesn’t know me, he’s only seen holos of me, and we’re always being mistaken for each other, so that’s not going to be a problem. Please, Bene. For Mam.”

“What if I can’t please him?”

“You will. Be brave, little brother. Maybe you need more of a life than those books gave you.”

“I love my books, and my life was just fine before you ruined it!”

Malif’s eyes narrowed. “I told you what happened, and Mam is alive because I brought in the money to pay for her operations. I’m very sorry you don’t get to spend the rest of your life buried in those books and without any responsibilities, but that’s tough. You’re going to be fine. Just go to the desk and tell them that you’re Malif D’Ami for Dumont Westingcoat. And bam, you’re as good as gold. Just do it already.” With that, the comm went dark.

“But I’m not. I’m not Malif. My name is Bene.” He felt his cheeks begin to burn. “My name is Bene D’Ami. Dammit.”

He looked up at the building that housed the Velvet Glove, where he was meant to go meet his… his master for the next five cycles. It rose up toward the sky, towering over the rest of the buildings, the glass and steel it was made of the most incredible lilacs, mauves, and purples. It was both beautiful and imposing.

It was horrifying.

It was the thought of his mam that had him walking to the stairs that led to the huge doors. His legs shook, his hands opened and closed convulsively.

The doorman—doorman—opened the door for him. “Good afternoon, sir.”

Once he was through the door, a pretty man at the front desk smiled at him. “Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you?”

“I’m Mr. D’Ami for Mr. Westingc-c-coat, please.”

“Ah yes, he left a note that he was expecting you. We’ll get you checked in. You’ll have slave access to the building and to his suites.”

Slave access.

It took everything he had not to turn and run.

The guy took his picture, then turned a comm unit toward him. “Place your right palm on the screen, please.”

He held his hand out, the whole thing shaking like a nimboc leaf. The guy guided his hand to where it should be.

“Everything’s going to be okay. I was new once too. This is a good place.”

“I hope so. I’m so scared.”

“Your master will come down to get you and he’ll take care of you.” The guy looked at the comm unit. “You’re in the system now. Good. We have everything we need except for your safeword.”

“Safeword.” He’d read about this, but he didn’t want to have to have one. “Right. It’s emerald.” His favorite color.

“Emerald. Got it. And now that’s registered. I’ll let Master Westingcoat know you’re here. Do you have any luggage with you?”

“Just my bag.” His bookreader and another suit and his pajamas.

“We could bring it up for you if you like,” the man offered with a kind smile.

“I’m fine. Seriously. I’m okay. I’ll just stand here out of the way.”

“Don’t you want to come inside the building proper?”

He shook his head.

“I think your master will want you to be waiting in the lobby for him. And I’ll get you a glass of water or some other drink if you’d prefer.”

Water? As in real water?

“Okay.” The promise of real water was fascinating, too much to deny.

He went in past the second set of doors, and the man came around to hand him a glass full of clear liquid. “Go sit on one of the benches. I’m sure your master will be here soon.”

“Thank you. You’re very kind.” He carried the water carefully, going to sit on a bench and trying to make himself as small as possible.

The water was indeed real water and tasted like no water he’d ever had the pleasure to drink before. And it was clear! Absolutely clear. It was sweet, cold, and lovely. He wondered if Malif had this where he was.

A shadow fell over him and he looked up. The man standing over him was stunning. He was tall, with broad shoulders, a handsome face, and the greenest eyes Bene had ever seen.

“You’ve got to be Malif.”