The Reluctant Virgin’s Daddy

About The Reluctant Virgin’s Daddy

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 50000

Page Count (pdf): 204

ISBN: 978-1-77423-156-2

Price: 4.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: n/a

Genre: Contemporary

Date Published: May 25, 2021

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  5

File Types available: epub, mobi, pd

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Robert Venus made a lot of money in tech, and when he sold his business for millions, he was set for life, which suits him to the bone as he never leaves the house, ever, and never interacts with anyone except his personal assistant. With his former assistant leaving to have kids, he’s forced to hire someone new and turns to the Master Temp Agency.

Ignatius Callahan has no idea what to expect as he starts his new temp job as personal assistant to Mr. Venus. When he pulls up in front of solid, ugly gates, he has a hunch this isn’t going to be a job like any of his others.

From their first meeting, Iggy is drawn to Bobby. In fact, the urge to call Bobby his boy is almost overwhelming, but the reclusive young man seems to want to hide away and disappear from the world, including Iggy. As Iggy works to draw Bobby out, he feels more and more sure that Bobby needs him as much as he needs Bobby, and he slowly breaks down Bobby’s walls.

Will Iggy and Bobby be able to find their happy ending together?


Chapter One

Ignacious Callahan pulled up outside the gates of 119 Maple Street and double-checked his sheet before pressing the button on the intercom. Yeah, this was the place. Huh. The gates were ugly, but they looked solid—like they were keeping a zombie apocalypse at bay or something. Maybe his new boss was a prepper.

This wasn’t the first job he’d had where the agency had placed him without him interviewing with his prospective employer, and it always made him wonder—he wouldn’t leave the hiring of a personal assistant in an agency’s hands without at least a short face-to-face, even if it was over the web. He supposed if it didn’t work out, the guy could fire him easily enough.

He pressed the button again when there was no answer after a few minutes. He hoped the thing wasn’t broken. He didn’t have a contact number for Mr. Venus. Was that the guy’s real name?

“Hello?” The voice was soft, almost nonexistent. “Can I help you?”

“Mr. Venus? I’m Ignacious Callahan. The Master Temp Agency sent me.”

“Can you please show your license to the camera?”

“Sure.” He dug his license out of his wallet and held it up to the camera. Security conscious. Nothing wrong with that. Especially at this end of town.

“Thank you. Come on in.” The gate lock clicked, and it popped open.

Iggy drove in, getting his first good look at the house. It looked like the original house, well-kept, though. He liked the turret on the right and the ironwork on the door. He parked the car in front of the place and grabbed his briefcase before heading up the stairs to ring the bell.

The door opened into an empty, dark foyer. Okay, what the fuck?

“Hello? Mr. Venus? Is everything okay?” Was the guy wheelchair bound or something?

“Yes. Come in and close the door, please.” He could see the outline of a lean, tall man in the shadows.

He closed the door behind him. “Should I lock it?”

“I’ll do it digitally.” The figure stepped back. “Come on to the office, and we’ll discuss your position.”

“Sure thing.” The door clicked behind him as it locked. For such an old house, it sure had been modernized. Maybe this guy was a germophobe or something. There was a story here, he was sure.

“Please, have a seat. This will be your office. You’ll be on six days a week, seven hours a day with an hour and fifteen minute lunch hour. There’s room and board included with your salary.” He could see long white-silver hair, too-big clothes, and that was about it. The office was lovely—a new computer, leather furnishings, walls of bookshelves.

“I didn’t realize the position was live-in. When my time is done today, I’ll have to go home and get my stuff. I hope that’s okay?” He was fascinated by this place, and by the man. He wanted to discover the secrets of both.

“I’m not interested in a lot of coming and going. Are you sure you’re interested?”

“Yes, I’m interested, but I need to get clothes, toiletries, stuff like that.” He wasn’t going to walk around in what he was wearing and wash it in the sink every night.

“Of course. If you’d like, you can start Monday—that gives you four days to prepare.”

“Would that put you out?” He wanted to see where he’d be sleeping too—so he knew what he was working with spacewise.

“No. The emails will wait a few more days. Samantha left me well set up when she left.”

“Your former assistant? Do you mind if I ask why she left?” It was always good to know what the pitfalls might be. “Also could I see my room, please?”

“She’s having triplets, and of course. Come on. You’ll have the west wing to yourself.” Mr. Venus led him through a door and into a beautifully appointed sitting room. “You’ll have this room, the bedroom, and the en suite. You’ll have full access to the kitchen as well.”

“With no coming and going, I assume you have groceries delivered?” Triplets? How had she managed that without coming and going? He was intrigued by this man hidden in the shadows and his clothes.

“I do. There’s a tablet attached to the fridge. Order what you will. And here’s a tablet for you. You can control the doors, the windows, and access the computers from it. I’ll set your face recognition when you return. It will work the gate as well.”

“Can I ask why all the security and special measures?” Why did this man keep the whole world this firmly shut out?

“Are they that special? Feel free to explore the suite. I’ll wait in your office to show you the kitchen and media room.”

He would have apologized, but Mr. Venus disappeared before he could. Iggy sighed. It wasn’t a glorious start to his employment, but then again, he hadn’t been thrown out either, so he would take it as a win.

He strode through the rooms that were his. Roomy enough for one person, everything was clean, no dust anywhere. It made him wonder if Venus did his own cleaning—seeing as he didn’t want coming and goings. Or maybe there was a live-in housekeeper as well. Possibly cleaning would be among his duties. Personal assistant was such a broad term and included a myriad of things.

He didn’t linger, returning fairly quickly to the office. He approached quietly, hoping to get a look at Venus while the man thought himself unobserved.

Venus was standing by the window, focus on the clouds. The man was bearded, cheeks hollow, gray eyes dark and unusual. Iggy suspected the body beneath the oversized clothing was too thin. He was more curious than ever about his new employer.

“Do you have any questions, Mr. Callahan?”

“I’d like to know what I’ll be doing for you. Get more of an idea of the actual job.”

“Mostly you’ll be fielding emails and phone calls. I ran the Advantage Apps group, so there’s always someone wanting a keynote speaker, a donation, a project.”

“That seems easy enough. I’m pretty sure I can handle it.”

“It’s an easy job. You’ll have a lot of free time to surf or watch movies, do hobbies, whatever.”

“Okay…” Did Venus really even need an assistant? Maybe he was just a lonely guy.

“The thing to know is I don’t do appearances. Under any circumstances. I will answer emails in emergencies, but that’s it. No phone calls. No Skype calls. No visitors.”

“You take being a recluse very seriously, eh?” That definitely sounded super lonely.

“I do. Like I said, it’s easy work. Just isolated.” Venus looked at him, and there was something there, something lost and broken.

Iggy wanted to pull Venus into his arms and hold him tight. He didn’t, but he wanted to. The urge was sudden, undeniable, and he knew he was going to take the job. He needed to.

“I’ll be back tomorrow with my stuff.” He didn’t need to wait until Monday.

“Fair enough. Do you want to see the kitchen?”

No, I want to see you. I want to see your face.

“Yep. I would. I’ll peek in your cupboards, and see if I want to add anything to the grocery list. Will we be eating together?”

“If you’d like. I’m a decent cook, I suppose…”

“Cool. I’m better than passing decent. We can take turns.” Sharing food was far more intimate than a lot of people realized.

“Sure. If you want to. Follow me, and I’ll show you the kitchen and the media room.”

“If I’m not coming or going, I’ll be happy to have the company.”

Venus nodded and led him to a stunning kitchen with double ovens, six burners, and a huge island. The fridge was a behemoth, with a tablet in the center of it. “The entire house is smart, so if you need anything, you just let the system know.”

That was pretty damn cool, actually. “Do you have to call to the system to get it to hear you?”

“There’s voice recognition, but you can just type in, once you’re in the system.”

“I could get used to voice recognition. It’s not creepy, though? Knowing it’s always listening?” All this guy had was machines to keep him company. The urge to give him a hug was getting stronger.

“No. I designed the software. It’s my baby.”

“Oh, that’s awesome.” He was impressed. He wasn’t a dummy, but he wasn’t wicked smart like that.

“Thank you. You wanted to explore, you said? Feel free. There’s Cokes and all in the fridge.”

He opened the refrigerator, finding Cokes, protein drinks, and grapes. That was it. Not enough to feed a bird on. He activated the pad on the fridge and started adding food.

The system was responsive, and he discovered that Mr. Venus lived on caffeine, fruit, and ice cream. Crazy. Someone needed a keeper. Looked like he was taking on the job.

“You’re comfortable with electronics. That’s good.”

“I am. I’ll get along with the house, I promise.” He gave Venus a wink, wondering what kind of sense of humor the man had.

“Her name is Belinda. The house.”

He loved it. “Oh, that rocks! Hi, Belinda.”