The More the Merrier by Sean Michael

About  The More The Merrier

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 48600

Page Count (pdf): 192

ISBN: 978-1-77423-085-5

Price: 4.99

Pairing: m/m

Series: The Teddy Bear Club, Book 2

Genre: M/M Contemporary

Date Published: August 18, 2020

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  2

File Types available: pdf mobi epub

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Too much of a good thing?

When Logan gets the call about newborn triplets in need of a home, he steps up, realizing too late the daunting task he’s taken on. He’d be lost without the men of the Teddy Bear Club—especially Dirk.

Dirk even offers to spend spring break at Logan’s home, helping him and the babies settle in. He loves being a dad, and he wants to help Logan find the same joy. It doesn’t hurt that they enjoy spending time together.

Before they even realize it, they’re settling into a routine… becoming a family.

Falling in love.

But their new bond is about to face the ultimate test. Will they come through and realize that with love, there’s no such thing as enough?

Originally released by a different publisher.


Logan trudged through the snow to the Roasty Bean, ready for a hot drink, a sit, and some quality time with his godson, Dylan, and his good friends. His daughter, Sarah, who usually spent alternate weekends with him, was with her grandparents this time, and he was at loose ends. That wouldn’t be true for much longer.

Stop it, he told himself. Be good. Be focused. The guys will… help. Give advice. Something.

“Logan! Logan, is that you?” Dirk was there, coming up behind him pushing a covered stroller.

“Yeah. Come on. It’s cold.” He waved and grinned, already feeling better.

Dirk increased his pace, catching up with him easily, and Logan helped the guy maneuver his stroller into the coffeehouse. Little Melinda, Dirk’s preschooler, remained fast asleep, not even seeming to notice the switch from cold and damp to beautifully warm. Sweet baby girl.

Zack waved to them from the far side of the counter as the door closed behind them. “Hey, guys! The usual?” he asked.

“Can I have mine with whiskey?” Logan teased.

Zack’s eyebrows went up, and Dirk gave him a look. “Has that got something to do with Sarah not being with you today?” Dirk had only been coming to the Teddy Bear Club for a few months, but he’d picked up on the routine pretty quickly. Sarah’s school let out early on Fridays, and she was almost always with Logan.

“Nonsense. She’s with the grandparents.”

“That’s good of you—letting them have her on your day. I know how precious time with her is.” Dirk pulled the cover away from the stroller to check on Melinda before parking it behind his chair and sitting at the big round table where they met every Tuesday and Friday.

“It’s my mom’s birthday. They’re having a spa day and then a slumber party.” Logan went to pay for his coffee. “Where are Dev and Aiden?”

“Apparently Dylan is cutting teeth and being ugly. I told them to come anyway and I’d work my magic on him, so they still may show up.” Zack gave him his change.

“Oh, my poor godson!” He grabbed his phone and texted Dev immediately.

bring me my baby boy

you’ll be responsible



bring him


do eeet He wasn’t taking no for an answer.

lol k u asked 4 it

He had. More than anyone understood. God. He shook himself and went over to sit next to Dirk, whose little girl was still asleep. Hopefully she’d wake up before Aiden and Dev arrived because Aiden’s Lindsay wasn’t going to be happy Sarah wasn’t here today—she had a bad case of hero worship going for the older girl. Linds would be even sadder if Melinda was out of commission too.

Dirk gave Logan a warm smile as he took a seat. “I didn’t make it on Tuesday,” Dirk said, “so I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

“Yeah? Me too,” Logan agreed. “Seriously. I’ve been busy, but I really needed this today.”

“I like that we can come even without the kids, that we get to be teddy bear dads even if we don’t have the teddy bears with us.” Dirk shook his head. “I’m not sure that came out like I meant it.”

“Well, mine is growing up on me, that’s for sure.”

“I can’t imagine Melly being ten. I want to freeze her right where she is. Or maybe take her back to when she was a baby. It feels like forever ago and not long enough at the same time.”

“Yeah, I know.” Logan sighed deeply, shook his head. God, he needed to talk to the guys. Everything anyone said brought his mind right back to his situation.

“You okay, man? That was a huge sigh.” Dirk gave him a sympathetic look.

“No. No, I’m really not.” He shocked himself with the admission. He didn’t know Dirk all that well. Not like he knew Aiden, Dev, and Zack.

“It didn’t seem like you were. What’s up?” Dirk sounded honestly curious, and his expression was sympathetic. The guy really was easy to talk to.

“I—” Logan opened his mouth to spill everything when the newlyweds, Aiden and Dev, walked into the shop. “My godson! More teeth!”

Dev looked a little haggard, testament to how badly the teeth-cutting was going. He handed Dylan over without a word, and Logan took him happily. He adored his godson.

Aiden gave him a wry grin. “You want to spend the weekend with us, looking after McFussypants here?”

“You be nice to my baby boy.” Logan nuzzled in, enjoying the lovely baby scent and bouncing Dylan easily.

Dev chuckled as Aiden got the girls out of their coats and then carried baby Bee over to the play area while Linds ran to join Zack’s twins, Marci and Missi. Melinda woke up at the sound of the other girls squealing, and Dirk grabbed her before she could start crying.

“I play too, Da!”

Goodness, such a pretty girl. Logan loved her dark curls and eyes.

“Of course you can.” Dirk set her down again, and she rushed over to her friends. Dirk shook his head. “She always has a tiny moment of panic when she wakes up, but then she’s bright and eager. She doesn’t even need coffee.”

“Everyone needs coffee,” Zack, who had come over to join the group, asserted in mock outrage.

Dylan started fussing, and Logan put his knuckle on those sore gums. Dylan had quite a few teeth already, so he had to find the place where the new tooth was coming. It took a moment, but when he found it, Dylan calmed down for him immediately, those big blue eyes gazing up at him.

“Sweet baby boy.”

“Everyone seems to have the magic touch but me.” Dev looked a little put out, but Logan knew his friend didn’t really mind. When Dev had first joined their dad meetings, he’d been on edge from being responsible for his sister’s abandoned baby boy. Dylan had clearly picked up on that and been overly fussy with Dev, while Logan and Zack, in particular, were able to calm him. Dev was fine now that he and Aiden were together but occasionally backslid when a minor crisis occurred.

“You’re the Jeannette-whisperer.” Logan winked at the barista, who was busy filling their orders. “I know you get the best coffees.”

Dev grinned. “Is that your way of asking me to go see why your coffee isn’t here yet?”

Aiden came back over and studied Logan. “What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean?” He went for innocent.

Dirk, Zack, and Dev all turned to look at him, and Aiden snorted. His best friend knew him well.

Aiden raised a single eyebrow, the annoying ass. “Something’s wrong. Spill.”

“I….” Logan took his coffee and sat, baby Dylan in his arms giving him comfort. “I’m going to foster a set of triplets. They’re two days old. I’m supposed to pick them up Monday.”