The Moon – MM

About The Moon

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 12600

Page Count (pdf): 50

ISBN:  978-1-988377-44-5

Date Published: March 8, 2017

Publisher: Sean Michael

Price: 2.99

Genre: Paranormal

Pairing: MM

Series name and number: n/a

Heat Rating: 


The first full moon is always the hardest.

Danny McMann has been busy on pack business for weeks and just wants to spend the upcoming full moon deep in the woods with his pack—running, hunting, napping and generally goofing off. The last thing he wants to hear is that they’ve got another man on their hands who’s been bitten and about to turn with the arrival of the full moon.

Hammond Argyle was bitten by his assailant in a bar fight a few weeks ago. He’s been in a foul mood ever since and it’s only getting worse. As is the way his skin itches and feels like it doesn’t fit him anymore. When someone starts lurking round, following him, it’s about all he can take.

Will Danny be able to help Hammond through his first change and beyond?

Originally released with Amber Quill Press and All Romance Ebooks.




Danny stared at Fanny, the grizzled old seer holding up a single tarot card. “You’re not serious. We caught him.”

The mad rogue wolf had been captured and caged weeks ago. Weeks. He’d done it himself, damn it. He knew. Unless someone had let the asshole out—and if that was the case, beta wolf or not—Danny was going to go for someone’s throat.

“Three weeks ago, before the moon.” Rich, his pack alpha, sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “You know Fanny’s never wrong.”

“I know. I know, but I’ve just come in from the city. I haven’t been with the pack on the moon forever. Can’t Pat go?” Danny wasn’t whining. He wasn’t. He was just tired of being on the road.

Fanny snorted. “Have you seen Kathy? She’s about to explode with pups and it’s her first litter. We can’t ask Pat to leave his mate in that condition.” The old one picked up the Moon card, turning it this way and that. She shook her head, the long fall of almost-white hair shifting over her shoulders. “This is not the same one as we caught earlier. But…related? Bitten by the rabid one before we had him.”

She nodded sagely and pulled another card from her deck.

The Death card. Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition. Fuck a duck, that was Danny’s card.

He sighed, rolled his eyes. “Okay. Okay, I’ll go make sure he knows the rules, doesn’t freak out, blah, blah, blah. No more anyone biting anybody else, though, okay? I’m totally not doing this every weekend.”

Chuckling at him, Fanny pulled another card, and one of her bushy gray eyebrows went up. Then she smiled and tucked all three cards back into the deck. “You’ll probably not need to worry about it again.”

“No? Good deal.” Danny leaned in, kissed her dry dusty cheek. “You have a name for me?”

“Do I have to do everything for you young pups these days?” she asked.

“Absolutely. We’re spoiled rotten.” Not to mention it would be infinitely easier to track this guy down if he had a name, and they were right on the cusp of the moon—time was of the essence.

She swatted at him, then her gaze went inside, eyes staring through him for a moment. She blinked, coming back to the present. “Hammond Argyle.”

“Argyle? Do we even allow people called Argyle be wolves?”

“We don’t seem to have had a choice, impertinent pup. And you’d better get going if you’re going to be in the city before the moon brings its changes.” Her gruff words belied the fact that she liked him. Danny could see the fondness in her eyes, still bright as the sky despite her extreme age.

“I’m headed out. I’ll be in touch.” He just wanted to get this done so he could enjoy a break.

“Try not to leave a trail of havoc behind you, Danny.” Rich could growl when he wanted to.

“You got it!” Like the so-called havoc was ever his fault. He wasn’t the one biting people, only cleaning up the messes after those who were.

“No havoc,” Rich called out again as Danny headed out.

“Nope! Havoc free, that’s my motto! No havoc at all.” Right. Trouble followed him like a shadow whether it was of his making or not. And Rich’s snort said he was thinking exactly the same thing.