Sanding off the Edges


About Sanding off the Edges

Author: BA Tortuga

Word Count: 3100

Page Count (pdf): 14

Price: .69

Pairing: MM

Genre: western

Date Published: 02/18/2018

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: pdf, epub, mobi


Cowboys Jack and Deke are both having a rough day. One has been laid off, one has to deal with an injured cowgirl. When these two on again off again lovers meet at their regular watering hole, they get to commiserating, then they get to a hotel. Will they be off again soon, or will they stay on this time?


There were days that it wasn’t worth chewing through the restraints. He fucking knew that, should’ve taken the hint when he woke up to the motherfucking hot water heater pouring water into the goddamn garage. Then the master cylinder went out on his work truck, one of the geldings came up lame, and his goddamn sister fell out in the barn and broke her elbow.

Jack pushed the door to the Oasis open with a growl, just praying he’d made it in before they started charging cover. He had enough for six beers.


If he didn’t have to pay cover.

Jamie Lynne was working the door and she smiled at him, looking a whole lot like the entire fucking universe had already got a run-down of his day. “Hey, Jack, honey. No cover. Go on in.”

“Thanks, Jamie. Anybody good in tonight?”

“Um. Deke is, you want to see him. He’s at the bar, nursing some kinda sore.”

“Yeah?” Great. Deke could be as mean as a bear with a sore paw, if he’d had a bad day. Still, they’d been buds for nigh on fifteen years. Maybe they could drown their sorrows.

He wandered in, nodding to Buck and Barb, to Lena and them two piece of shit men she bunked with, heading straight for the bar where Pansy was slinging suds.

“Well, hey, Jack. What can I do you for?” Pansy asked, smiling a little.

“Hey, Miss Pansy. I need me a beer in the worst way.”

“You got it.” She pulled a longneck out and popped the top, handing it over. “You want me to just run you a tab, mister?”

“Yeah. I got a twenty. Don’t let me go over.” He sucked it down, letting the cold brew smack into his belly.

“You bet. Fifteen for you, and five for me.” She winked and moved on down the bar. Where Deke was sitting, staring at his beer.

Jack waited until Deke met his eyes, then he nodded once, just to see if Deke wanted company.

Deke chuckled, climbing off the barstool and heading down to sit next to him. “Hey, J. How’s it hanging?”

“Been a shit day, buddy. You?”

“Same here. Same here.” Deke nudged his elbow. “Better now.”