Protection Detail – Underground Book 3 – MM

About Protection Detail

Author: Sean Michael
Word Count: 49500
Page Count (pdf): 114
ISBN: 978-1-988377-67-4
Date Published: November 2017
Publisher: Sean Michael
Price: regular price 5.99 now just 4.99!
Genre: Contemporary BDSM
Pairing: MM
Series name and number: Underground Book #3
Heat Rating: 

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Dom Dustin Lefevre works hard and plays harder. He attends the Underground Club whenever he can and is always very much in demand by the unattached subs. After one such evening, he runs into King Tamber, the Dom who taught him everything he knows. King and Dustin parted ways after several years of King teaching Dustin how to be the best Dom he can be.

Now, King has come back into Dustin’s life with a new proposal. He wants to recreate Dustin’s club scenes with Dustin in the submissive role. Dustin doesn’t understand why King would want to do scenes with him again, but King is very persuasive and Dustin finds that he can’t resist. Now all Dustin has to do is figure out how to continue without having his heart broken.

Meanwhile, King has regretted parting ways with Dustin every day. Seeing Dustin working the subs at the club has given him an idea of how he can connect with Dustin again. He knows he screwed up with Dustin when they last parted and he can only hope that through his new plan, he can woo Dustin and ensure they both get the happy ending they deserve.


Dustin Lefevre needed a break. Tonight. Tomorrow. Maybe even Saturday. Three nights. Surely he could find three subs who wanted what he could give. He didn’t always make it to the club, but when he did, he was usually in demand. Especially since they’d dropped to one night a month. It was hard to find people with the time and space to host.
He headed up the door to Chris and Daniel’s with his bag of tricks, rang the bell. He had a case of Coke and a huge caramel cheesecake as his offering for the private party.
Chris opened the door and gave him a warm smile. “Master Dustin! Oh, the single subs are going to be so pleased. You’ll have your choice—there’s nearly a dozen of them at tonight’s party.”
“Excellent. I’m ready for some rest and relaxation. It’s been a long month.” He kissed Chris’s cheek, genuinely pleased to see the man. “Nearly a dozen? We need to go back to meeting more often, sweet man.”
“My Master works too hard for us to host more often.” Chris took his offerings and led him to the kitchen. “The other folks hosting moved, but if we could find some new people who could host…” Chris shrugged and handed him a bowl of chips and a bag of ice. “It’s good the group is growing. If you could take those down with you, that’d be great.”
Yeah, getting someone with space and who they could all trust and who had the time to do it once a month or so would be the trick. He hoisted the items. “Of course I can take them with me. It’s good to see you, man.”
“You too. I have a few things left to bring down—don’t start without us, okay? I definitely want to watch.” Chris gave him a cheeky grin that was absolutely charming on the older man.
“I’ll pick a good one.” He liked being watched, but more than that, he liked pushing. Hard. He could make a slave drool. And he really needed that release tonight.
“I’m looking forward to it.” Chris kissed his cheek this time and sent him downstairs.
One of the subs met him at the base of the stairs. “Master.” The boy—Donny, he thought—bowed, then held out his hands. “Let me take those for you.”
“Thank you, boy.” He handed the chips and ice over, then took his bag to a table against the back wall to set it down. His leathers were in there, along with everything he’d need. He just had to find the right man. The room was bright enough at the moment, but the lighting was gentle, except over the dais in the center of the room. That light was dark, but when it did come on, it would be a bright spotlight so everyone could watch.
It didn’t take long for the whispers to start, the bolder subs coming to kneel by him.
“Master Dustin, it’s so good to see you.”
“I’m here if you need a partner tonight, Master.”
“Pick me, Master.”
“No! Pick me.”
Chris had been right—there were a lot of single subs here tonight. He was going to be able to choose just the right one. The perfect choice for him, and for the sub too.
He spoke to them all, stroking hair, tugging piercings as he waited for people to show. Sweet boys, although no one on the outside would believe it. These were blue-collar men—cops and EMTs, firefighters, bodyguards, bus drivers. Here, though, they could relax, play. Learn themselves. Be themselves.
They preened for him, smiled and nuzzled into his touches. Even the new ones he’d never met before had obviously heard of him, his reputation among the Underground group huge, and they were as eager as any of the others to feel his domination for themselves.
He let himself look—Greg was kneeling, face relaxed, eager, Tommy seemed tired. Then there was a new guy, close to his size, dark-skinned, his stiffness screaming ex-military. Dustin needed to choose carefully. It had been a hard month and he needed to let it all out, so he required someone tough, someone strong—mentally and emotionally more than physically.
He stopped in front of the new guy. “What are you looking for, boy?” What gets you off?
“I want to be made to submit, Master.” The words were bitten off, clearly not the easiest for the big man to admit.
“Don’t you all?” The tease was gentle, quiet enough that the guy wouldn’t be embarrassed. “Pain? Assplay?”
The tease earned Dustin a half smile. “Yes, Master. The first one, Sir. I’ve never been broken.” But he wanted to be, that was clear. This big man wanted to see how far he could be pushed—that was why he was here.
“Up on the dais, then.” He would get dressed in his leathers, prepare himself, and then turn this man inside out. “Name?”
“Philip, Sir.”
“Watermelon, Sir.” Philip’s gaze shot up to meet his briefly and he could read the need there. Then Philip bent his head again.
“Don’t worry, boy. I’ve got you. Get up on the dais, hands behind your back.”
“Yes, Master.” Philip nodded his bowed head, then stood, ramrod straight, and marched right over to the dais like he was still in the army obeying a superior’s orders.
There were sighs and sounds, whispers all around as it became clear to everyone that Dustin had made his choice.