Matchmen Ltd. – MM contemporary

About Matchmen, Ltd

Author: TC Blue

Word Count: 89,000

Page Count (pdf): 279

ISBN: 978-1-946473-00-4

Date Published: Second edition January 17 2017

Publisher: Bold Blue Books

Price: 4.99

Genre: Contemporary

Pairing: (ie: mm, mmf, ff): M/M; M/M/M

Heat Rating: 

File types in download zip: PDF, .mobi and .epub


Many, many men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles’ premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn’t been able to make a match for himself, and when his ex — the man who tore his heart out years earlier — comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.

Between Trevor and his not-so-ex, AJ… Melody Michaels, Trevor’s happily involved receptionist (aka Melvin Michael Mumerford) and a not at all closeted rock star, and Adam, another ex-lover of AJ Robins’? Complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Between heat and attraction, difficult pasts and questions of trust, can they manage to find their way around their difficulties and find the love they all deserve?


It took a few days, but Trevor managed to talk himself down. Managed to convince himself that it had only been a momentary lapse of judgment that had made him lean in and almost kiss A.J. Robins, of all people.

Jesus, Trevor had already known he was lonely. Of course he was. He spent the majority of each day setting guys up, making matches based on all sorts of factors. He even set up a few women — with other women or even with men, though the hetero portion of his clientele was enormously outweighed by the homo. And every once in a while, he even set himself up, though not for an actual match. Only when the loneliness became too pressing, because he couldn’t afford to be giving off any sort of depressed or desperate vibe. Not in his business, which he was afraid he’d been doing since the dancing fiasco. Fortunately, there were four more days before Thursday. Four more days to finish convincing himself he’d simply been remembering his own pathetic, youthful hopes and dreams.

Maybe… maybe it had just been because he’d been dancing so closely with A.J. and they had a history. Maybe it was just that a tiny part of him still wished they could have worked out.

And they might have, if A.J. had danced with him like that, back in the day. Or if Trevor had made an effort to show A.J. that they could have been good at more than just rolling around, getting covered in each other’s sweat and saliva and… well.

But that was long gone, Trevor reminded himself yet again. Over. Was never anything more than a few weeks of slap and tickle. Sex and heat and fast, frantic couplings that hadn’t meant anything more than just that. To A.J., in any case. To Trevor, on the other hand?

Oh, he’d fancied himself in love with A.J.; he knew that much. Remembered it with a clarity that still made him blush when he thought too deeply on the past. He’d imagined himself to be the one guy who really knew A.J., even before that night at the party the twins’ parents had. And when A.J. had looked at him like Trevor was the gold at the end of the rainbow, he’d been so… damned… happy.

“I was a fool,” Trevor muttered, flipping slowly through the eight by ten photos on his desk. “A lovesick fool.” He really had been.

He’d gone home with A.J. that night, so sure of his own appeal, and by morning had been planning his future with the man. He still blushed when he thought about that, too. Probably always would, because God, he’d been pathetic. So… earnest, even in his own head.

They would start a business together — Trevor hadn’t cared what kind — and they’d work there, in adjoining offices with a connecting door that would allow for frequent breaks involving mouths and hands and long, hard shots of pure protein. They would find a house, get a couple of dogs. They would laze about in bed on the weekends, drinking coffee and talking about where they wanted to vacation and whether their employees could handle things for three weeks without them; then they’d argue until they agreed on two weeks, and the makeup sex would be amazing.

Trevor had been stunned, shocked, shattered when A.J. had announced that he was leaving. Hell, he’d literally cried for a week after A.J’s flight took off from LAX, Trevor was so sure that he was going to die of a broken heart.

Yeah… Trevor definitely still blushed at his own naïve, childlike certainty. At how inadequate he’d felt after his eyes had been opened with one brutal, uncaring thrust to his spirit.

Luckily, he wasn’t that pitiful, deluded young man anymore, and he definitely wasn’t in love with A.J. Robins, if he’d ever been. Which Trevor actually doubted, now that he was older and wiser.

Now Trevor was over it. He really was. And just because having A.J.’s hands on him, those green eyes mere inches away and staring into his own like there was nothing else worth seeing… just because having that solid and too clearly remembered body moving like they were somehow joined by more than just fingers had made him remember a time when…

Trevor frowned and shook his head. “This is stupid,” he announced, as though saying it out loud made it truer. “I’m just lonely. And I need to get laid, for God’s sake. That’s the only reason I’m even thinking about this. I am not interested in A.J. Robins!” Not as anything but a project.