Love in an Elevator — MM

About Love in an Elevator

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 34000

Page Count (pdf): 130

ISBN:  978-1-988377-34-6

Date Published: January 25, 2017

Publisher: Sean Michael

Price: 3.99

Genre: BDSM

Pairing: MM

Series name and number: n/a

Heat Rating: 


Scott Johnson is a free-lance photographer who likes to take pictures, watch movies, and play. On a job he meets business executive Josh Silvers. Josh is a force to be reckoned with, tall, and self-confident, he seems to be able to reach right into Scott’s psyche and give him exactly what he needs.

The only problem is that Scott doesn’t take orders, while Josh seems awfully fond of giving them. Still, despite his occasional protests, Scott seems to be following them just fine. For now. Will that change if Josh goes further than Scott wants to?  Or does Josh really know him better than he knows himself.

Check out this Sean Michael classic to find out!

This book has been previously published – the publisher has changed.


Chapter One

He was always early.


Scott couldn’t help it; his internal clock was set ten minutes faster than everyone else’s.

Not only that but it worked for him. He got the best seats at the movies; he got the freshest appetizers; he got to people-watch. Hell, sometimes he got to photograph the most fascinating people.

Sometimes he got to meet vice presidents of marketing who asked him to share a few brews.

Scott sipped at his beer, watching the crowd, looking idly for the man he was supposed to meet. It wasn’t as if it was a date, but Limone, Inc. paid well — damned well, for freelance photos — and God knew he could use a steady gig.

And there the man was now, unmistakable as he came into the bar, briefcase in one hand, suit jacket and newspaper in the other. Josh Silvers was tall and blond with surprising green eyes, and that dress shirt hinted at all sorts of muscles. And there was an air about the man… a lot of heads turned when he walked in, like they couldn’t help themselves.

Those green eyes found him at the bar, and he was treated to a killer smile, all that power and intensity focused suddenly and solely on him. “Hi there, Scott. I’m not late, am I?”

“Nope. I’m early. Hi there.” He stretched out one hand, offering it over to Josh. “Can I order you a beer?”

“Please. And something to eat, I’m starving.” Josh’s hand was dry and warm, the shake firm but not one of those where the guy tried to prove his masculinity by squeezing your hand off. Josh had nothing to prove on that point. Nothing at all.

“Sure, what’s your pleasure?” They had decent bar food here — nothing spectacular, but okay. He loved the fried cheese and mushrooms.

“Loaded potato skins and a taste of whatever you’re having.” Josh gave him a wink, settling on the stool next to his, filling the space with his presence as much as his body. The briefcase and paper were set on the floor, the jacket carefully folded and placed over top the briefcase.

“Sure.” He waved down the bartender and put in their order, wondering if he should have hit the apartment and put something besides a t-shirt and jeans on. From the heat in those green eyes as Josh gave him the once-over though, maybe he was okay just as he was.

“So the shoot seemed to be going well. I know Brenda was happy at the end of the day.” Josh’s voice was smooth like honey.

“Yeah. I’ll run the negatives and make proof sheets tonight.” It was a no-brainer — shooting flowers. Still, he was good at it, making the lilies look all heavy and waxy and all.

“Excellent.” Josh gave him a smile before giving the bartender a nod of thanks and taking a drink of his beer. “There, we’ve talked business. So tell me about yourself.”

He chuckled, shook his head. Straight-forward. Sexy. “I’m Scott Johnson. I’m a photographer, a movie buff, and a Gemini. You?”

“Josh Silvers. Vice president of merchandising, bit of a workaholic, and a Leo. What kind of movies do you like, Scott? And what else do you like to do in your free time?”

“I’m in a Japanese horror movie phase, right now, but I like all types.” Man, those eyes were green. “I spend most of my spare time on the computer, I guess.”

“I like all types myself, although I’ve got to admit, if I had a type? It’d be sitting right in front of me.”

His eyes went wide. The man was either confident as fuck or had a way better gaydar than he did, because damn.

Josh chuckled. “I’m sorry — if you’re disappointed we’re not really here to talk business I’ll just tell Brenda to make sure she uses you again and stop wasting your time and mine. But that?” He was given another of those long up and down looks, those green eyes checking him out thoroughly. “Would be a damned shame.”

“No. No, not disappointed. Surprised. Who told you I was gay?” He hadn’t been around Josh long enough to give out clues.

Josh grinned at him. “My secretary. She’s got the finest fucking gaydar I have ever known. She says all she has to do is point out the ones she’s interested in and sure enough they’re queer.” Josh licked his lips. “She’s got fine taste, I’ll give her that.”

He chuckled, blushed a little bit. “Flattery will get you in the front door, Josh. You have enough to get farther in?”

“I do.” There was no hesitation, not a hint of doubt in Josh’s voice or body language. He was given a wink. “Of course, I’m rather fond of the back door myself.”

They laughed hard, were still chuckling when the food showed, hot and crispy and smelling good. “You want to eat here or back at a table?”

Josh gave him another one of those intense looks. “Well that depends on how much buttering up you want before we go back to your place.”

Pushy bastard. Pretty though, and possibly worth the aggravation. “Well, are we doing foreplay here or in private?”

“This isn’t foreplay?” Josh asked, that smile like a caress.

He chuckled again, settling onto his stool, nibbling on the mushrooms.

Okay, he could play.