Losing His Cover Bundle

About Losing his Cover

Author: Sean Michael 

Word Count:  43700

Page Count (pdf): 156

ISBN: 978-1-988377-74-2

Price:  $3.99 (books are available individually on Amazon.com. This is a bundle of 3 novellas)

Pairing: MM

Series: Losing His Cover

Genre: BDSM 

Date Published: 07/18/2018 (previously published before this date. The publisher has changed)

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: PDF, Epub and Mobi in a zipped file



Alex Ito has worked undercover for eight months – the longest stretch he’s ever done. He’s inhabited Nicky “Little Boy” Kimoto’s life for long enough now that it’s over, he’s not sure about going home to husband Bruce Amadine. What if he’s still more Nicky than Alex?

Bruce has changed over the last eight months he’s had to cope without Alex, finding fulfilling work at Chains, a BDSM club, where he’s learned a lot from the club’s patrons.

When the two men finally come face to face after their long separation, Alex is worried that he won’t be able to shed his Nicky Kimoto skin and that this undercover stint has sucked him into the underworld for good. Through Bruce’s work at Chains, he and Alex make inroads into expelling Alex’s undercover persona for good, and bringing Alex completely home in body, mind and spirit.

The Job, Home and The Club were originally published individually by Resplendence Publishing


The Job


Chapter One


Alex headed down the road home, exhausted and a little unsure if this was the way. God knew he looked different now than he had eight months ago—when he’d become Nicky ‘Little Boy’ Kimoto. He’d grown his hair, a beard, gotten a full sleeve tattoo, a nipple ring, and had a penchant for biker boots and filthy jeans.

Now the sting was done. Forty three guys were in lock up and Nicky…no. No, Alex. Alex was walking away with his retirement, a job offer to work private security for a software firm, and no more undercover work. Now he just needed to get home and see his husband, tell Bruce hello in person, instead of on a quick, furtive phone call.

He hadn’t let Bruce know he was coming, wanting to surprise his husband, but now that he was almost there he was having second thoughts. Maybe he should have called. Maybe he should have taken a shower at the station. Maybe…

The door to the house opened and this guy came out. This sexy stud wore leather pants and a gold mesh shirt, bedhead all moussed up into disarray and, as the guy turned in his direction, fucking eyeliner that really did something for his dark eyes. Who the hell was this coming out of his house? Sure eight months was a long time, but–

Wait. Wait. Shit. That was Bruce. His Bruce. A button-down, tie wearing, fastidious, vanilla, boring accountant. Obviously going out for the night. Obviously going somewhere definitely not button-down, tie wearing, vanilla or boring.

Alex stepped back into the shadows, the move automatic, immediate. He didn’t want Bruce to see him, although a part of him did. A part of him wanted Bruce to know him instinctively, to feel his presence.

Bruce did glance in his general direction, even looked down the street Alex had come along, but then he turned and headed in the other direction, toward Main Street, gait easy, ass looking amazing in the tight leathers.

Alex followed because…well, because he didn’t know what else to do. If Bruce had found someone else… He heard Nicky in the base of his brain, growling low. “Then we kill them both.”

No. No, cops didn’t do well in prison. And he wasn’t Nicky, right?

Bruce turned onto Main, ambling along like he had a destination but wasn’t in a rush to get there. It was late enough that the street lights had come on, and all the restaurants and bars were lit up, contributing to keeping the dark away. It was a nice Friday evening and the streets were busy so Alex didn’t have to work hard to keep from being seen as he tailed Bruce.

Bruce finally stopped and went into a bar Alex was pretty sure they’d never been to together. Hell, he would have bet that Bruce didn’t even know what Chains was, let alone be meeting anyone there. He knew, but only by reputation. Fetish clubs weren’t his thing, and they sure as hell hadn’t been Nicky’s.

They also hadn’t been Bruce’s and yet here his husband was, walking into the place without hesitation, like it was just another day at the office.

As Alex debated going in or not, he caught sight of himself in the mirror. Skinny, hairy, combat boots filthy, his jeans and battered jacket not exactly screaming middle class. Yeah, no way Bruce was going to recognize him. It was safe to go in and find out who Bruce was meeting at a damn leather bar.

The bouncer, a big bruiser in tight jeans and a tighter white t-shirt, wearing a dark collar around his throat, stopped Alex at the door, shaking his head. “This isn’t a biker bar, buddy.”

“You don’t think?” Alex flashed his badge. “Don’t fuck with me, man. I’m not in the mood.” And Nicky was right there, below the surface, still clinging right under his skin.

The bouncer held his hands up and took a step back. “We’re not looking for trouble here. Everything is legal and above board.”

“Excellent. Then there’s no reason not to let me the fuck in.”

The guy motioned him in with a hand, the move and expression feeling sarcastic as fuck. Nothing was said, though, and Alex was able to step in and get his first good look.

It wasn’t bright, but it wasn’t any darker than any other bar and the layout of the place was pretty standard as well. There was a stage at the far end of the room, what looked like a small dance floor area in front of that, with tables and chairs filling the rest of the room. It would seat quite a few people. The bar itself was a long one, all along the back of the room. Mirrors and booze covered the wall, and it was fronted by high stools. Nothing outrageous or outlandish.

Most of the customers wore some leather, many looking like they could be in any bar anywhere, though there were plenty wearing all manner of kinky outfits that would have tipped him off if he hadn’t already known the clientele the place catered to.

Alex found himself a corner table, hiding behind his hair, watching, even as he began to research this club on his phone. He waited for the site to come up and looked for Bruce, not seeing his lover anywhere. How could Bruce have disappeared so quickly?

He scanned the room three times before he finally gave up and called Bruce’s number, hoping his lover would answer. He didn’t want to think of what it might mean if Bruce didn’t pick up. This kind of place had back rooms, right?

“Hello? Alex?” Bruce sounded surprised. All his calls while he was undercover had come from burner phones, not his own phone.

“Hey. What’s up?” Who are you meeting? Did you decide this time the wait was too long?

“Not much. Are you okay?” It was always Bruce’s first question.

“Worn out.” Hurt. Worried. Scared. Pissed off a little. Guilty about being pissed.

“Where are you? Are you…” Bruce cleared his throat and Alex could tell he was trying to sound really casual. “Are you coming home?”

“I want to.” Do you want me to? That was the real question, wasn’t it? That and what the fuck are you doing here and who the hell are you with?

“Yeah, I want you to too.” Bruce sounded deflated. “When is this case going to be over so you can?”

Alex heard someone call Bruce’s name in the background before he could answer.

“Look, I have to go” Bruce told him. “Come home soon, okay?”


The phone went dead and that was that.

Okay. Okay? Fuck. Was it? Was it ever going to be okay again?