About Gifted

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 18,000

Page Count (pdf): 82

ISBN: 978-1-77423-184-5

Price: 2.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: Hammer 2.0, book 1

Genre: Contemporary BDSM

Date Published: December 14, 2021

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  5

File Types available: epub, mobi, pdf


Brett Travers is one of the weekend bartenders at the Hammer Club. It’s one of two jobs that he works as he puts himself through College. On a whim, he enters the auction at the Hammer’s annual charity Christmas auction. After all, he’s interested in the lifestyle, even if he has absolutely no experience in it yet.

Tucker Sanders is one of the Hammer Club’s chefs. Working mostly evenings and weekends, he loves feeding people, in fact caring for others is one of the reasons why he’s a Top. He’s never found his very own boy, but the tall, willowy Brett has definitely caught his eye.

When Tucker ducks out of the kitchen on Christmas Auction night and discovers that Brett is the next lot, he can’t help but start the bidding. There’s no way he can compete with most of the club’s members, though, and is soon outbid. Will the magic of Christmas bring these two men together despite that?


Chapter One

Tucker Sanders tested the crack on a crème brûlée, nodding with satisfaction at the sound it made. Excellent. Then he tasted it, humming happily. Not too sweet, totally creamy, exactly how it should be. He tried the sticky toffee pudding next. God, he was going to have to let Stevie know the butterscotch sauce was divine; the little sub tried so hard and needed the confidence boost. Finally, he tried the Christmas trifle. He wasn’t fond of mint in his desserts, but it wasn’t overpowering and he knew those who liked it would be more than satisfied with it. He left the three plates he’d tried on the back table for the subs to share and gave Jerry his approval on the desserts.

“They can all be served.” He knew each dish would be an exact replica of the last; the kitchen staff at the Hammer Club were second to none.

Finished with his dinner service, he slipped out of the kitchen and stood at the back of the room, watching as the yearly charity auction started.

The subs were all wearing goofy Christmas sweaters this year, and they were adorable. Even the big, bulky subs. Everyone seemed so happy. They were using the proceeds from this to top off the building fund for the expansion, and everyone was excited.

It seemed the transition from Master Oliver to Masters Marcus and Billy was going smoothly. And certainly Master Oliver seemed to be thriving in retirement, he and his sub were front and center this evening, looking more in love than ever.

Marcus called out sold and the sub on stage appeared ecstatic, having gone for several thousand dollars.

The next one up was the tall, willowy studious young man who worked behind the bar on weekends.

“I’d like you all to welcome Brett, the Hammer’s own weekend bartender. He’s new to the lifestyle, but he’s very well-read, and he’s looking for someone to be the Santa to his elf!”

Tuck chuckled at the description, but he was interested. He’d noticed Brett around the place on the weekends. Not that he’d had time to do more than admire so far; the kitchen was slammed most weekends. It was too bad he only had four hundred and twenty-six dollars in the bank. There was no way this lovely man would be in his price range, but he ached a little with how much he wanted a chance to get to know Brett better.

“Bidding is now open, I’m taking opening bids for Brett,” Marcus called out.

Before he even realized it, Tuck took a half a step forward and placed a bid. “Two hundred dollars.” There was no way he could win, but he’d never forgive himself if he didn’t at least try.

“Two hundred dollars to the man in the chef whites.” Marcus pointed at him, then looked around. “Do I hear two hundred and fifty?”

“Three thousand.” Oliver’s voice rang out, cheery and warm.

Oh, for fuck’s sake. That put him out entirely. Brett sure lit up, though, clearly happy to have brought in such a large amount. Good for him. Tuck clapped along with everyone else, then went back into the kitchen. At least he knew Oliver wasn’t interested in Brett as a full-time sub, given he already had one. But it lit a fire under him. He needed to stop admiring from afar before another master who really was interested in Brett asked him out. Tuck resolved to do it the next time they shared a shift. Brett was worth him making the time, no matter how busy the kitchen was.

“How is dessert service going?” he asked Anton who was currently running the pass.

“Good! It was a good call to make enough for everyone to have one of each—most people are indulging in at least two if not all three of the desserts.”

Tuck chuckled at that. Yeah, it was Christmas. If there was ever a time to overindulge, this was it. Besides, if they wound up with leftover desserts, there was plenty of staff to make sure none of it went to waste.

Tuck made his way to the table in the back and sat to get started on his paperwork; he wanted to have it all done before his shift ended so nobody had to deal with it over the holidays.

A soft sound startled him, and he looked up into bright green eyes behind thick lenses. Oh. Brett.

It was easy to find a genuine smile for the young man. “Congratulations on your auction.”

“I—thank you. M-master Oliver said to tell you Merry Christmas. I’m your present.”

Oh, the sly old dog. Tuck wasn’t about to insult the club’s founder by paying lip service to how it was too much. Master Oliver had wanted to do this, for the club and for him, and he was going to accept the gift with genuine gratitude.

His smile widened and he held out his hand. “I’m Tuck. And I’m very glad to accept you as my gift.”