Where Flows the Water – A Windbrothers Novel – MM

About Where Flows the Water

Author: Sean Michael
Word Count: 65500
Page Count (pdf): 216
ISBN: 978-1-988377-58-2
Date Published: May 24, 2017
Publisher: Sean Michael
Price: 5.99
Genre: Fantasy
Pairing: MM
Series name and number: Windbrothers
Heat Rating: 


The water flows to Quan, a mage in search of the most important thing a mage can find; his protector and life partner. Quan knows his mate is out there somewhere, even though he’s beginning to despair ever finding that elusive person after all his years of needing.

Young tribesman Jael is Quan’s other half, but he doesn’t know it yet. Where Flows the Water explores the relationship between these two very different men as they meet and begin to build something lasting and necessary, aided by physical closeness that scorches with its intensity.

Jael resists Quan for as long as he can, wanting a normal life with a wife and children. He can only fight the winds so long, though, and eventually he comes to accept that Quan may just be his life, and his love. When the two finally get it right, they connect, and it’s them against the world, which sometimes seems determined to tear them apart.

Set in a fantasy world as complex as it is interesting, Where Flows the Water showcases a place where magic is a part of the everyday world in hundreds of small ways, and where love knows few boundaries, if only the stubborn can see.

Check out this Sean Michael classic, set in the Windbrothers’ world.


Chapter One


It was a dry, dusty day. The road was dirty, the grass that lined it was yellowed and brown in places, the air wasn’t clean. And worst of all, he was dirty. He could feel the grit, rubbing between his collar and the skin of his neck, inside his shoes, in his hair. It made him grumpy and tired and unhappy.

It wouldn’t do any good to stop and wash, either. There would just be more dirt and he would have to stop again and really, he wanted to find a place to camp before he stopped and so far this road had proved to be unfriendly. Aside from the dirt, he had a spider-bite, a bruise on his shin from an unfortunate trip over a camouflaged stick, a scratch from the thorns of a berry bush across his right hand and his water pouch had fallen and been torn.

All Quan wanted out of this path now, was to survive it. Civilization would be nice, too.

At least the current cover of trees offered shade from the sun and cut the wind, which kept the dust to a minimum. Of course it also brought with it all manner of creatures and he was pretty sure he’d heard the snorfling chortle of a wild hog. He hadn’t stuck around to be sure, choosing instead to move on quickly. Another noise came from the trees around him, this time the sound more like a growl. Maybe a big cat or something like a bear. Another noise came from the same direction, this time more of a rumbling roar and Quan froze, eyes riveted to where it had come from.

When the bear broke through the cover of the trees and continued to press forward, running straight at him, Quan ran. As fast as he could.

The damned beast still managed to swipe him before he could make it to a tree, cutting a rather painful gouge out of his leg.

The wound was soon forgotten in the panic that followed his scramble up the tree. The damnable bear was trying to knock him off his perch, if that was what you could call his precarious position, clinging to the trunk of the tree, some twenty-five feet from the ground. The bear would back away — the first time he’d thought it had given up — and then it would run and ram its head right into the tree. It was also rubbing its hindquarters against the tree, which was making the trunk he was clinging to groan and tremble alarmingly. Well, he was alarmed at any rate, the bear looked like he was going to keep doing it until Quan dropped into his lap. If bears had laps.

Well then, he seemed not to be panicking, as he was considering the physical make-up of bears. Just then the beast gave up on trying to shake him out of the tree. Which would have been wonderful, except he seemed intent on climbing up instead.

Quan began to scream.