First Day of School – A Mannies Incorporated Short – Book 3.5 – MM

About First Day of School

Author: Sean Michael
Word Count: 3700
Page Count (pdf): 15
ISBN: 978-1-988028-39-2
Date Published: January 2016
Publisher: Sean Michael
Price: 1.99
Genre: Contemporary
Pairing: MM
Series name and number: Mannies Incorporated, Book #3.5
Heat Rating: 

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The men from And Manny Makes Seven are back along with Adam’s five siblings.

It’s the first day of school for the twins and Lizzie doesn’t want to go. Hutch would love to let her stay home with him, but he knows it’s his job to make sure she doesn’t need him anymore and school is the first step.

Once the kids are gone, Adam teaches Hutch the hidden benefits to having the house to themselves!

Originally published as a stand alone and in Family Time Anthology by Torquere Press.


Lizzie stared at Hutch with huge, tear-filled eyes. “Please. Please, Hut. Don’t make me go away. I’ll be the best cooker ever. I promise.”
God, she was breaking his heart. Hutch managed to find a warm smile for her, though, as he crouched to give her a hug. “You’ll be home by three thirty. And I bet you find you like school. There’s so many fun things to do.” He’d known it would be hard to send the twins off to school every day, leaving the house empty until afternoon, but he hadn’t expected it to be this hard.
She shook her head, the tears beginning to fall. Felicia was desperate to be big, to go to school like Darla, but this one had been opposed to the whole idea and finding out she wasn’t in the same Kindergarten class as her twin hadn’t helped. The school claimed they split twins up to let them develop their own individuality.
Well, Hutch knew damn well his girls were plenty individual, each with their own unique personality despite being together since birth.
“When you get home you can help me make supper,” he promised. “That won’t change just because you’re going to school.”
“Please? You can tell Addie-Lou it’s okay. I know you can,” she insisted.
“No, little. He can’t.” Adam shook his head. “School is important.”
“Is not!” She stamped her little foot, glaring at Adam. “I want to stay with Hut!”
“Okay, Lizzie, that’s enough.” Hutch gave her his most firm voice. “School is important and you’re going to make friends and find really fun things to do. Addie-Lou and I will be here when you get home.”
He wanted so badly to tell her she could stay home, but he knew she needed to do this. It was his job to make sure she didn’t need him and Adam anymore and this was how it started. Even if it was the hardest thing ever.
“I hate school!” She turned to run and Adam caught her up, hugged her tight.
Darla stood with her first day of school outfit on and Felicia had her thumb in her mouth, eyes wide.
“Come on, dork,” Charlie said. “School’s okay. You’ll get to, like, play with colors and check out books.”
Hutch blinked, more than a little surprised that the first of the teenaged nation was heard from and it wasn’t a grumble. Charlie was a good kid, and he proved it all the time, but still, teenager — enough said. He so owed Charlie his favorite dinner for that.