Emergency Services – Underground, Book #2 – MM

About Emergency Services

Author: Sean Michael
Word Count: 49000
Page Count (pdf): 125
ISBN: 978-1-988377-15-5
Date Published: September 13, 2016
Publisher: Sean Michael
Price: 5.99
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
Pairing: MM
Series name and number: Underground, Book #2
Heat Rating: 

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Can love truly conquer all?

Jet Wannabi has been working undercover for over a year with nothing more than the odd furtive phone call to his lover and master, Blaze Swanson. All that’s about to change, though, as a year’s worth of work is coming to a head in the biggest bust Jet has ever been a part of. When the SWAT and Narcotics teams roll in early, Jet gets trapped between them and the bad guys, with disastrous results.

Firefighter Blaze Swanson is more than ready to have his lover and sub home with him when he finds out that Jet’s been hurt in the bust. He gets to the hospital as fast as humanly possible, only to find out that Jet has banned Blaze from seeing him. Jet believes he’s ruined and that letting Blaze go to live his life is the right thing to do.

Blaze is going to have to call on all of his stubbornness, love, patience and abilities as a Dom to convince Jet that not only do they need each other, but the lifestyle they’ve enjoyed in the past is not out of reach, not if Jet puts his trust in his master to take care of him.

Join Blaze and Jet on their journey to rediscover how they fit together.


Chapter One

“Cap, this is it.” Jet pushed his hat up, rolled his shoulders as he looked around carefully. The last thing he needed right now was to get made. Not when they were this close. “It’s going down, now.”

Two thousand kilos.

The biggest fucking bust he’d ever seen and it was happening right now, in this fucking abandoned train yard.

“Hank! Hank, get your ass over here!”

He slipped his phone into his pocket and ran over, playing wide-eyed moron as best he could. “Yes, Boss?”

“You’re riding lead. Allan has the rear. I’m driving the trailer out, okay? It’s our job to get this stuff to the masses.”

“You got it.” Dammit. He wanted to pull the rear, keep his eye on everything.

He strode to his bike, lids half-lowered to hide the way he scanned the area, taking it all in. He couldn’t see the guys, but knew they had to be close. The takedown had to happen before they got out onto the open road. So before they got to the end of the alleyway or right after.

The air felt heavy and the only thing that made it better was the pressure of his piece right at his hip. God, he was ready for this to be over, to quit pretending.

To stop being Hank fucking Anderson.

His thoughts winged toward Blaze. His lover. His life partner. His Dom. Then he shook it off. There was no place here for the life he’d left behind. Blaze was waiting for him. He could just keep that safe, close.

He started up his hog and glanced behind himself, waiting for the signal to go. This had better go off without a hitch. He was done.

Rick honked the huge air horn, and they headed out, the big semi roaring to life. They made it about twenty feet when the blue lights showed, cutting off any chance of an exit.

Good for them, less good for him, because Rick didn’t slow the truck even a little, clipping his back tire and sending him headfirst into a bank of SWAT and Narcotics.

His last thought before he landed was “Yeah. Not so good for me.”

He put his hands up in front of his face, the world going black.


Blaze climbed off the truck, pulling off his turnouts as he headed for the showers. It had been a hell of a shift, and they’d been called out to a fire in the last half hour. A fire it had taken them the better part of five hours to bring under control. He was exhausted, he was sooty, and he stank.

Getting the shower going, he put his head under the spray and groaned. Damn. That felt good. For a long moment, he just closed his eyes and stood there, letting the water soak into his skin.

Joey snapped a towel at his ass. “Save some water for the rest of us, man.”

He didn’t bother turning around or even opening his eyes, just shot Joey the bird. “Fuck off. There’s plenty of stalls.”

Joey’s laughter sounded from the stall next to him. The guy had altogether too much energy after such a wretched shift. But then Joey was a newlywed and on his way home to the prettiest girl a man could hope for.

Blaze had been with his partner for significantly longer, but if he were actually going home to Jet, he’d have been just as excited despite the fact they were no longer honeymooners. Unfortunately, Jet was undercover. Had been for-fucking-ever it felt like.

“Blaze? Blaze, man, you in here?” The voice belonged to his best buddy, Daniel, even if it sounded a little strangled.

“Yeah, down here.” He popped his head out of the stall, looking for Daniel. “What’s up?”

“Come out to the kitchen when you’re done.” Daniel’s face was pale, mouth held in a careful line, and Blaze knew. He knew like he knew his own name.


Daniel nodded once.

“I’m done.”

He turned off the shower and grabbed his towel, wrapping it around his waist as his heart pounded hard and loud in his chest, his stomach one big knot. He made short work of dragging on a T-shirt and a pair of clean jeans, then went into the kitchen, mentally bracing himself for the worst.

Daniel had two cups of coffee in to-go cups, keys in his hand. “There was an accident during the bust. I was on the callout. It’s bad.”

“Fuck.” He grabbed the cup Daniel had for him and followed him out to his car. “Where is he?”

He prayed it was the hospital, not the morgue. He wasn’t ready for the latter. Hell, it had happened during the bust; that meant that after over a year away, Jet was supposed to be coming home. Dead didn’t work for him.

“St. Mary’s. I came as soon as I could.”

Thank God. Blaze could work with injured. It wasn’t ideal, but he could work with it.

Daniel drove quickly, but safely.

“So what’s the damage?” Blaze asked.

“Multiple lacerations, internal bleeding. Multiple broken bones. Head injuries.”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Not dead, but… shit. He banged his head back against his seat, telling himself to get it together. His lover needed him.

“The perp was in a semi, SWAT was there with the combat vehicles. Jet was on a motorcycle between them.”

Blaze shook his head. That Jet had come out of that alive was incredible.

“They get the bad guys?” He knew that was going to be the first question Jet asked when he came to.

“Yeah. Yeah, Jet called it in. Did the job just like he was supposed to. It was huge.”

“Well, he’ll be happy about that.” Personally, Blaze thought it would have been more of a success if Jet hadn’t been all but killed in the process.

He ground his teeth together and took a few breaths.

“Easy. It’s not going to help. His heart never stopped. It was strong the entire time,” Daniel told him.

“Yeah? That’s good.” It was. It meant no matter what else was broken or crushed or needing repair, Jet was going to get through it. He was strong enough to do this, to survive this.

“As soon as he’s better, I’m going to kick his ass, though.”

Daniel chuckled and nodded. “I’m sure that I can find a place for that to happen, hrm?”

“I bet you can. How are the club nights going?” he asked, pleased for the distraction. He hadn’t attended the underground get-togethers since Jet had gone undercover. That was something they did together, and going, even if he’d only just attended, would have felt like cheating.

“Good. Good. There’s a core group of, oh, a half dozen Tops, maybe twice that many subs. And there’s a good group of what I like to call irregulars now.”

“Wow, you guys have grown in the last year!” He and Jet would have to go, hang out once Jet was well enough to get around.

They turned the corner and there was the hospital. Everything in him tightened up again.

“We have two meetings a month. A newbie intro one and a more… hard-core one.”

“Man, I haven’t done anything hard-core in far too long.” Hell, he hadn’t done anything vanilla, either, aside from his own hand around his cock.

“No. No, I mean, I would have offered to find you a boy, but…”

Blaze shook his head. “We don’t play like that.” He’d never do it, even if Jet had said he could.

“I know. I know, that’s why I didn’t ask.” Daniel parked the car. “You ready?”

“No.” Blaze took a deep breath. “But it is what it is.” He got out of the car and started toward the hospital.

He stopped at the information desk and waited for the police liaison to come down. He was on Jet’s list. They weren’t in the closet. No worries.

He needed to see his boy.

An officer came down, headed right for him. “Blaze Swanson?”

“That’s right.” He held his hand out.

The guy shook his hand. “I’m Drew Corners. Let’s go sit.”

“I don’t need to sit. I need to see Jet.”

“I understand. Please, come sit with me.”

He didn’t like this. He didn’t like it at all. “Look, Drew. I haven’t seen him in over a year, and then I find out he’s been in an accident. If he didn’t make it, please just tell me.”

He didn’t need to sit. He was going to need to get out of there if Jet hadn’t made it after he’d believed Jet was okay.

“He made it through the first of the surgeries. He’s awake, in fact. Groggy, but awake.”

Relief flooded through Blaze and he took a deep breath, not even having realized he’d been holding it. “Okay. Good. Just point me to his room.”

“Mr. Swanson.” Drew took his hand, held it. “I can’t. He doesn’t want to see you.”