Bearly Working – Grizzly List #3

About Bearly Working

Author: Julia Talbot

Word Count: 23700

Page Count (pdf): 102

ISBN: 978-1-942831-49-5

Date Published: Second edition January 17, 2016

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives

Price: 2.99

Genre: Paranormal

Pairing: mm

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Heat Rating: 

File types in download zip: PDF, .mobi and .epub


How can a deaf bear find his mate?

Deaf werebear Sasha loves his data entry job at The Grizzly List. When he receives Trent’s ad to place, he knows he’s going to answer it instead, even if it might cost him his job.

Sasha’s lack of hearing doesn’t bother Trent—his mother was deaf, too. There’s only one problem: it’s a long-distance relationship. It’s an issue he’s willing to overcome, because once he sees his little bear on Skype, Trent knows they’re meant to be together.


An ad in The Grizzly List weekly:

Big single grizzly bear in search of hot little bear who likes blondes from Alaska. Moved to Colorado permanently and looking for company. ND, social drinking okay. Old fashioned bear likes to go out to dinner, watch movies and cuddle. If you like hairy and totally ready to focus on you, I’m your bear. Reply to box 564 with your fav restaurant and a pic if you’re ready for fun.

The ad came with a picture of this tall, broad man wearing flannel, his shaggy blond hair and bright golden eyes the very picture of health and, somehow, joy.

Sasha sighed softly, using the mouse pointer to trace the features on the photo. Oh. Oh, that was… Look at that gorgeous face. The features were large, blunt, very grizzly. Just his type.

He looked up to see Vic and Marty having a fight, which they called a “discussion” about some new Facebook page rule and whether or not they needed to form a group. They loved to fight.

Everyone else at The Grizzly List hated it.

He glanced back at the screen. He was meant to clean this ad up, post it to the website and feature it in the weekly paper that went out in four towns. They were trying to expand through Utah and Wyoming, down into New Mexico, but right now this was a Colorado company serving Colorado bears.

This guy was in—Sasha checked the IP. Boulder. Yum.

The temptation to answer the ad, to just send a picture, the name Sizzling Siam, and an image of the Gladiator movie cover to the guy and hope for the best was huge.

Still, the rules were “no dating clients or co-workers.” No co-opting the clients.

The guys kept escalating, so Sasha looked away, focusing on the screen. God, he could so use some time off from not-this. He loved the idea of The Grizzly List. Sasha sucked at working in the office.

In a perfect universe, he’d be an investor, not a peon, but everyone had to start somewhere, right? Right.

He sighed, and copied the ad to paste it into the editing software. Instead, Sasha opened his Dropbox and pasted it into a doc there.

He would do it from home. Tonight. If the guy didn’t answer, then great. The ad would go live tomorrow. That was the perfect compromise, and hey, if it gave him jack off material, so be it.

Okay. Okay, that was fair. Maybe a little sneaky, but fair.

He saved it so he would have it at home with his leftover Thai food, and glanced around one more time, the thrill of being bad racing through him.

Sometimes you just had to, Sasha told himself. Sometimes you just had to stop being a good employee. This grizzly might be his chance at a one and only, or it might not get off the ground, but he had to try.

After all, how many chances did a deaf guy get to find the bear of his dreams?