About Baked, a Hammer Club Novel

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 63800

Page Count (pdf): 124

ISBN: 978-1-988028-54-5

Price: 6.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: The Hammer Club

Genre: BDSM, Contemporary

Date Published: April 2019

Publisher: Sean Michael

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: pdf, mobi, epub


When his younger twin brothers Darius and Devin wreck everything in his life in just a few short days, big brother Clay decides to enlist the help of a friend. Bake is a top at a club called the Hammer, and knows just how to handle two subby boys, even if no one else can tell them apart. Bake is a twin himself, and knows about the special kind of bond that creates. Dare and Dev might be a little closer than Bake and his twin, Bean, have ever been, but that doesn’t stop him from understanding their needs.


Meanwhile, Bean meets their big brother Clay, who’s just back from his tour in the military, and thinks he’s found a treasure like nothing he’s ever seen. Clay isn’t into games, and Bean loves his straightforward style. What should be a perfect solution for all of the brothers, though, turns out to be more complicated than anyone expects. From family jealousy to threats they could never imagine, the boys will have to be tough to take on what life throws their way. Is there strength in numbers, or will both families be torn apart?


Bean walked into the Hammer, nodding at the bouncer at the door. They all knew he was Bake’s brother and had a standing guest pass.

It was Friday night and the place was jumping. Bean was looking for his twin, though, so he just waved to the people he knew and kept going until he saw Bake sitting at the bar, tossing back peanuts.

Bake saw him coming and gave him a lazy grin. “Hey, baby brother.”

He stuck his tongue out at Bake. “We’re twins.”

Bake shrugged. “I was born first.”

Bean rolled his eyes. “Did you get me a beer at least?”

Bake nodded to the bartender, who handed over a large glass with a good head on it.

“Cool.” Bake owed him dinner on a little wager they’d made over last night’s game. It figured his twin would drag him here to pay up. Not that he minded that much; it was fun to watch. As long as no one started bleeding.

He took a sip of his beer and looked around the club; there was usually a show on Friday nights. It was slowly filling, but there wasn’t anyone on stage yet, just the usual suspects — people drinking and laughing and milling around. “You meeting anyone later?”

Bake was a Top with a capital T, and he liked playing with the bottom boys.

Bake shook his head. “Nah. I mean, if I hook up with someone, cool, but I don’t have anything planned.”

“We could go out. Go dancing.”

Bake grinned at him. “We could dance here.”

“Bake, you got a minute?” The deep, husky voice hit Bean square between the shoulders before he could answer, the sound pure, perfect sex. Bean bit his lip but couldn’t stop the moan; he hoped the sound of the club would cover it up.

Bake smiled over his shoulder. “Sure, Clay. How’re you doing, man?”

Bean glanced back as casually as he could.

Broad, solid, and so fine, a clean-cut, square-jawed man stood there, bright blue eyes flashing. “I have a couple of problems that I need help with.”

Bean stopped all pretense of casual, turning around to lean back against Bake’s bulk and just stare.

Bake chuckled. “Yeah? I bet I know their names, too.”

“Yes. The little fuckers wrecked my truck, man. I’ve been back for what? Five months? Six? I can’t do this shit. I’m going to kill them both.”

“Oh, now, that would be a waste of pretty.” Bake laughed.

“What are we talking about?” Bean finally found his voice.

“My irritating, aggravating, nasty, undisciplined, asshole twin brothers.” Those eyes landed on him, burning like lasers. “Excuse my French.”

Bean wasn’t the fluttering type, but God damn, this man was worth fluttering over. He smiled. “It’s excused.”

He got a short, sharp nod. “Bake, man. I need you. You’ve been hunting them for a year; I know you want your chance to wear their asses out. I’ll give them to you for as long as you want them.” Clay waved his hand, showing two bound, struggling, gagged men who didn’t look anything like their brother, being watched by a big, bald leatherdaddy.

Bean’s jaw dropped.

Bake, on the other hand, was laughing and rubbing his hands together. “Clay, my man. I owe you a steak. Let’s go have supper. All five of us. I owe my brother here supper as well.”

“Works for me.” Clay held one hand out to him. “Clay Gimble.”

Bean put his hand in Clay’s, which just swallowed his up. “Bean Ebony.” He looked over at Bake and gave his brother an evil smile. “Bake’s younger brother.”

Clay’s hand pressed his, and electricity shot up his arm. “Pleased.”

He swallowed hard and smiled. “Yeah.”