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Sanding off the Edges by BA Tortuga

Cowboys Jack and Deke are both having a rough day. One has been laid off, one has to deal with an injured cowgirl. When these two on again off again lovers meet at their regular watering hole, they get to commiserating, then they get to a hotel. Will they be off again soon, or will they stay on this time?

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Colby and Sean are both bullriders and ex-lovers who get up to some serious fun. When Colby’s recklessness causes an ATV and truck collision, Sean figures he’d better make sure Colby starts acting like an adult. Can Colby convince Sean to live a little.

This story was originally published in the Taste Test: Buck Wild anthology.

Acting out by Julia Talbot – Click here for more information


Oliver discovers something very odd about his favorite sex toy — it’s haunted.

Nine Tenths of the Law by Kiernan Kelly — click here for more information


Max is doing fine. He’s bartending in a strip club located on a tiny planet at the ass-end of the universe, earning a living and generally getting by without much drama. That is until his boss leaves on a trip and places the burden of running the bar on Max’s broad shoulders. It’s a task he normally could handle just fine if it weren’t for two android drag queens who decide to meddle with things beyond their abilities and create a new stripper — one who complicates Max’s ability to keep the bar up and running while capturing Max’s imagination and heart at the same time.

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His to Save by BA Tortuga — reprint

Jasper Dean has been a bad man. The Old West drover is at the mercy of the ghost riders when they come for him. Too bad Tanner has no intention of letting Jasper go. He knows the man he loves doesn’t deserve hell, and he’s going to prove it. Somehow.

This story was previously published in the Legendary Creatures Taste Test collection.

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When Brian stops on the way home from the grocery store to grab a few adult toys, his lover Colin is completely unaware of what he’s in for. Thankfully, Colin loves Brian’s games, even if they involve plugs and more!

This story was previously published in the Plugs Toy Box collection.

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Jack and the Big Ole Pinto Bean by Julia Talbot (republished)

In this re-telling of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack and his lover Dane have hit hard times on their dirt farm, as their last cow has gone dry. When jack trades Bessie for a handful of beans, Dane things he’s gone mad. Will climbing the beanstalk change their fortunes for better, or worse? Previously published in the Torqued Tales anthology. 

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Java Rocks by Julia Talbot – reprint – .99

When tea drinking writer Jerrod needs to research coffee, he throws himself into a ride along at Java Rocks, his local coffee shop. Owner Finn thinks Jerrod is the hottest thing ever and that they can steam way more than just milk. Will these two be a single espresso shot, or a long lasting triple latte?

 This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

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Upside Down by BA Tortuga

JD and Cory have been on again off again for years whenever Cory blows into town with the rodeo. When he shows up at JD’s office, they have what JD thinks is just a booty call. Can Cory convince him otherwise? Previously published as Dallas Coleman in the Buck Wild Taste Test.

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