In Wulf’s Clothing

About In Wulf’s Clothing

Author: BA Tortuga 

Word Count:  54700

Page Count (pdf): 228

ISBN: 978-1-951532-01-7

Price: 4.99

Pairing: MM

Genre: paranormal

Date Published: 1012019

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: epub, pdf, mobi

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When werewolf Trey is banished from Lobo Canyon, scarred and bleeding, he vows never to come back. His best friend with benefits, Cory Benally, never expects to see him again, for sure, so it comes as quite a shock when Trey shows up for the pack alpha’s wedding. The alpha is Trey’s brother, and sheriff Cory’s boss, and when they’re thrown together Cory isn’t sure what the heck to do.

Now a famous clothing designer who goes by Wulf, Trey doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. He’s there to do the dresses and suits for his brother’s wedding, and Cory can go take a flying leap. Except he and Cory still have the same sizzling chemistry. And the love. When danger lurks around the corner for Trey, Cory has to protect him, and prove this time he’s willing to fight for Trey’s love, no matter what.




“What did you do?” Cory stared at Trey like he’d grown a bonus head—which, okay—he was good, but he wasn’t that talented.

“What?” Trey blinked over at Cory innocently, not really sure what the problem was this time. “You’re so damn uptight.”

“I am not!” Cory flushed, his dark cheeks going darker. “At least you don’t always think so.”

He grinned, because when Cory let himself, his lover could tear him up. So damn hot. “So, what’s wrong?”

“You went out of the canyon! People saw you as a wolf. Regular people, not us. The Alpha is furious, babe.” Cory looked miserable now. Such a law-abiding little pack enforcer he was going to be. That was Cory’s place, and they all knew it.

“I needed a run. Wolves exist, you know? And the people out there closest to us think we’re sacred. I was stretching my legs. Come on and breathe, huh.” The Alpha, George, was an asshole, always worrying about everything. Life wasn’t a terrifying thing, the world wasn’t an awful place, and he wasn’t going to be trapped here in nowhere land for the rest of his days.

“Yeah, and hunters hunt.” Cory’s shoulders hunched.

“I was careful, honey. I swear.” He moved behind Cory and began rubbing his shoulders, fingers digging in to loosen his lover’s tight muscles.

“Oh.” Cory let his head drop forward. “Magic man.”

“Yours.” Trey kissed Cory’s nape, the taste of his lover like a dream. He loved that salty, heated skin so much. He and Cory were mates. Their bond was growing every day, and he knew it.

“Uh-huh. Even if you are nuts.”

“You love it. There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be explored, that’s all.” Surely Cory could understand that? He wanted Cory to see it with him.

“I know. We’re just not made for it. They hate us.”

“They don’t know us. We’re amazing.” And given the opportunity, they could be better than amazing. They could fit in with the world at-large. They could be free.

“I know,” Cory repeated. “I just… I worry. You’re going to get in trouble, and I want you safe.”

“Aren’t you curious? Bored? Interested? Don’t you want to go play?”

“No. And neither do you.” The growled words from the Alpha made them both jump and turn to face the old bastard, and Cory winced.

Damn it, he didn’t want Cory taking the heat for this. “Actually, I do. This is not 1898.”

The blow from the Alpha was fast, but not entirely unexpected, so Trey rolled with it, refusing to be cowed.

“Don’t you argue with me, pup. You’re a danger.” George bared his teeth, and his belly went tight and hard.

“To who? Not to you, I don’t want your fucking job.”

“No? Well, good. Because you’re putting everyone in this pack in harm’s way.” That growl… George was going to beat his ass. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Cory stiffen, stepping toward him instead of away.

He met Cory’s eyes for a heartbeat, then he braced for the attack. Trey wasn’t going to fight. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

The Alpha leaped, and Cory met him head-on, slamming him away from Trey. Oh, Jesus fuck. George was gonna kill Cory for that.

George snarled and bounced Cory off the ground, his lover crashing down like a felled tree.