About Us

Turtlehat Creatives is the name BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot use to self publish their books. Sean Michael and Jodi Payne also occasionally ask us to put books up for them. We’re offering several file types beyond the Kindle format, and are putting our best foot forward to help readers connect with our books.

Please note Turtlehat Creatives is not a publisher. Prices on books are set by the authors, and all books are provided by the authors in complete form. THC is not responsible for content, pricing or for the file types presented for sale on individual books.

We’re keeping it simple with our bookstore, sorting by the most commonly requested designations, and by author. All of the work done on the site is done by authors, not professional webmasters, so please bear with us as we learn how to create the best place for readers to keep up with our work.