Pens and Needles

About  Pens and Needles

Author: Minerva Howe

Word Count: 62500

Page Count (pdf):258

ISBN: 978-1-953438-20-1

Price: 4.99


Series:  Secret Springs

Genre: mpreg

Date Published: 03/25/2021

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 4 rainbows

File Types available: pdf, epub, mobi

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Tattoo artist Lukas lands in Secret Springs looking for a fresh start, a place to open a shop of his own and build a steady clientele. What he doesn’t expect is to meet sweet and surprisingly spicy local librarian Tim and immediately fall for the amazing man right off the bat.

Secret Springs native Tim thinks he’s pretty boring. He’s a librarian with cats and a Craftsman style bungalow in a small town, after all. But he has a few deeper desires, and Lucas brings out all of them. The two of them find they have a lot in common, a lot of chemistry, and a lot of the same wants and needs.

But Tim has made some enemies in town politics, and a bunch of folks don’t want Lukas coming to town and changing things, bringing his friends with him. Can Lukas and Tim navigate family, small town politics, and possibly a pregnancy for Tim without losing everything the hold dear?


“Yes, sir. I understand that the board meeting is tonight… No, I don’t really think a new building is the way to go. I think you know my feelings on this.” Tim Clinton rubbed his apple against the front of his shirt, not at all sure he was going to get the chance to eat it. The director had called ten minutes before the end of his lunch break.

Frank knew when he was eating. Knew it.

“Now, Timothy, the Friends really want that new building.” And the implication that Jeanne, who just happened to be Frank’s mother, the mayor’s mother and the head of the Friends of the Library, was going to get what she wanted was crystal clear.

After all, who was in their way?

A library run by him, dammit.

Tim took a deep breath, forcing his tone to stay calm, professional. He hated the stereotype of hysterical omega, and he’d be damned if he slid into it. “Of course. I just think that sort of funding can be used to so much better purpose across the whole system. New bookmobiles.” They were a wide-flung, rural library system where many of their patrons were in remote locations, and their bookmobile and delivery systems were stretched thin.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Frank wasn’t going to let it go, and Tim was going to have to fight again to keep his little library on the wrong side of the proverbial tracks where the bulk of their patrons would actually use it. “You realize that you may simply have to bow down to the greater good, yes?”

“The greater good is to serve my patrons.” He tried not to snarl. Honestly.

“That’s where you’re wrong. Your personal greater good is to support the alphas who know better than you do.” Frank’s snotty tone grated on his nerves.

Oh, fuck right off, asshole. “We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on that, I’m afraid. Me and a bunch of the voting public who won’t approve your bond issue if you move us out of town.”

“Mother and I will be paying a visit with you this evening after the board meeting. I expect you’ll show her the respect she deserves.” Frank’s voice was icy, and Tim didn’t bother to hold back his eye roll.


“Yes, sir. See you tonight.” In your dreams. He was leaving early, calling out sick, and Frank could meet with his mother himself. He hung up, then checked his smartwatch. Damn. No apple until his break between work and the board meeting, which, all threats aside, he wouldn’t miss. He’d just brazen it out.

He was good at that.

He tucked it back into his lunch bag, then rose from the picnic table he’d been holding down in the square by the library. Back to work.

The thump of a hardcore sound system reached him about the same time as the low rumble of a big engine. He glanced around, focusing on a big black El Camino that was pulling into a space across the street from him in front of the Merchante building.

The car cut off, which stifled all the noise, and a man like Tim had never seen hopped out. Stocky, broad, and clad in cargo pants and a black T-shirt, the man had bright purple hair in a man bun, crazy pieces of the stuff sticking out at wide angles and a dark red beard. Mouth dropping open, Tim watched the guy dig a set of keys out of his pocket and go to the door of the shop where Horizons Interiors had been for nearly twenty years before Mrs. Danborough had passed last year.

Tim felt a pang. He did miss Elaine Danborough’s face.

The man closed the door behind him, and Tim jumped when his phone buzzed, the text tone startling him.

<You coming, Boss? I need to pee.>

Oh, whoops. Poor Angelica was on her own at the circ desk today, and during his lunch, she had no reference librarian to help out either.

Definitely time to get back to work, even if Mr. Thumping-Bass Purple-Hair would keep him wondering all afternoon.

They didn’t really get a whole lot of purple-haired strangers around Secret Springs, Colorado.