Twas the Night — A Hammer Story

About  Twas the Night

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 10500

Page Count (pdf):  37

ISBN: 978-1-988377-27-8

Date Published: December 1, 2016

Publisher: Sean Michael

Price: $2.99

Genre: BDSM, contemporary

Heat Rating: 

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The men of the Hammer come together to celebrate the holidays on Christmas Eve, sharing a meal and a toy-filled game of White Elephant. The gifts are as naughty as the men, each one chosen with care. Will everyone go home with exactly what they want?

Featuring Marcus and Jim, and Billy and Montana, along with other Hammer couples.


Marcus knew there was no better way to spend Christmas Eve than with the men who had become his family. He and Jim would have a private Christmas Day with Billy and Tanny, but this evening was to be a fun night for all their closest friends. Billy and Montana’s house certainly was the place to do it, too. They had an enormous tree set up in one corner of the large living room, complete with decorations and lights, while two sofas along with several chairs and cushions on the floor meant there was seating enough for everyone. They’d even put in a ramp last year, so there was no problem having Simon and Jeremy join them. Nobody would have to carry the big sub, which would assuage Jeremy’s well-developed sense of pride.

Simon and Jeremy had in fact been the first to arrive, Jeremy now settled in his wheelchair beside the blue couch with the low arms, Simon sitting on said couch next to him. Jeremy had a beer, of course, while Simon nursed a glass of spiked eggnog. Beside Simon sat Treat and Killian; Treat also drinking a beer, while Killian had a glass of sparkling wine. Bellamy was sitting in the leather easy chair with a beer, Kerry curled up on his lap, dozing. Poor boy had been working double time for the last week at the Hammer, a terrible flu having taken down half the staff. Happily, Kerry hadn’t succumbed and now he had some time off.

Frank and Gordon both had beers, sitting next to each other on the burgundy couch, while Billy was on the third couch cushion with Tanny on the floor at his knees. They were drinking Cokes. Marcus had his butt parked in the other easy chair, Jim on a cushion, in deference to his rosy bottom, next to him. He had a Coke, too, while his boy had chosen to have coffee as it was Christmas and not banned. It was going to be his last one for a while, though, as he’d already had three today and would be buzzing for days on that.

All they were missing were Jack and Oliver. His phone vibrated, and he had to chuckle because it was from Oliver—think of the devil and all that. Oliver and Jack were apparently running a little behind, which translated as either Jack had been giving Oliver a blowjob or he had been acting out and needed a punishment. Either way, it wasn’t a big deal. They had a variety of little appetizers on the sidebar against the far wall that they could start with now and wait for everyone to arrive before they dug into the main meal.

He cleared his throat. “Master Oliver and Jack are running late and will be along in a bit. Why don’t we all go ahead and dig into the appetizers?”

Tanny glanced up with a chuckle. “Jack got in trouble again?”

Marcus shrugged, but he chuckled too. “Anything I said would be pure conjecture.” No doubt fairly accurate conjecture, but conjecture nonetheless. He slid his hand over Jim’s head, the lovely silken strands of hair running through his fingers, and his boy nuzzled into the touch. Jim was in a good mood, despite the coffee, and that left him feeling relaxed and settled too. “I did mean it, everyone. There are paper plates on the sideboard with the food.”