This Old Wind

About  This Old Wind

Author: BA Tortuga

Word Count: 61600

Page Count (pdf): 266

ISBN: 979-8578568-36-7

Price: $4.99

Pairing: MM

Series:  Leanin N

Genre: Western Contemporary

Date Published: 12/22/2020

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 3 rainbows

File Types available: epub, mobi, pd

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Rock star Simon McFee has no idea what to expect from the Leanin’ N, the dude ranch in Colorado where his sister has decided to have her wedding. What he gets is a wrecked rental car, a really mad sister, and an old flame blowing in on the wind in the form of the wedding singer. Simon is so thrilled to see Michael again, and happy to take some time off from his crazy life and have a little retreat.

Michael Johns is a dad, an accountant, and still a musician, even if he mostly sings at weddings these days. When he sees Simon again, he’s taken back to his days of touring with Simon and his late wife on the folk festival circuit. He falls for Simon all over again, but he knows he has to be careful. His twin girls, Chloe and Mickey are his whole life, and he has secrets that might end his love affair before it begins. Can Michael and Simon find the time and space to start a new life together, or will the wind carry them away from each other again?


Ford Nixel loved his life. He really did. But why, oh why did they decide weddings were their bread and butter? Why not corporate meetings or billionaire birthday parties…

Of course, there were only so many billionaires who would go to a gay-friendly dude ranch for their birthdays.

“Tell me again why Mason isn’t here doing this?” Ford asked his chef, Geoff, who he was going over menus with for two weddings. They’d both changed. Again.

“Because Mason is in Dallas dealing with a Wright function and he won’t be back for another week?”

Oh, right. Dammit.

Their favorite wedding planner was a busy man.

“Well, what do we do about the influx of vegan guests? Tofurkey?” Ford teased.

“You let me handle that, man. Vegan is a speciality of mine. What about security? That Simon fella is popular as hell right now.”

“Is he?” Ford wasn’t much on anything recorded after about 1990. Classic was his jam. “Well, we’re pretty isolated, but we’ll focus on the main entrances to the ranch. I’ll hire some guys to keep watch.” He needed to talk to Stoney about hiring on some permanent security types. They were getting more and more people who might need those kinds of services.

“Tiny knows several guys who would help out for not much money.” Geoff grinned.

“I bet he does.”

“Yep.” Geoff grinned at him, totally unrepentant. “Best hire you ever made, boss.”

“Well, yes, since Stoney hired you.” He winked, then looked around at the explosion of wedding favors, flower charts from the bride in one wedding and the grooms in two others, and the menus. “We’re doing good, huh?”

“We’re doing amazing. Stoney is going to charm the hell out of everyone, I’m going to be the cook I know I can be, and you, Mr. Nixel, are going to hire yourself out as the world’s foremost expert on making gorgeous bows!”

Ford arched an eyebrow, but he couldn’t fight the laugh that needed out, not at all.

God help him, he was a bow-making machine.

Law school hadn’t prepared him for this shit.