The Alpha Dragon’s Omega Bodyguard

About The Alpha Dragon’s Omega Bodyguard

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 49,500

Page Count (pdf): 190

ISBN: 978-1-77423-191-3

Price: 4.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: Skye Dun, book 3

Genre: Paranormal, MPREG

Date Published: May 24, 2022

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  5

File Types available: epub, mobi

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Harrison Greenbelt seems to have it all, a member of the Skye Dun clan, he leads it along with his chosen brothers Warrington and Seamus. He’s been on edge, though, ever since he was in a car bomb that injured him badly and killed his bodyguard. Since his recovery, he’s been working overtime to discover just who’s behind the continuing attacks against the Skye Dun clan. He spends his days, and most of his nights, hunched over his laptop, or his books, bringing all his research skills to bear to solve the mystery of the power crystal and guardian dragon. He doesn’t have time for dating, let alone a fated mate. Too bad for him, the universe has its own plans.

Riven is only three months into his new job as a security guard for the Skye Dun clan when he’s sent upstairs to be the personal bodyguard to one of the big Alpha bosses, Harrison Greenbelt. It’s putting his skills as a personal bodyguard to best use. The only problem is, Harrison has fired one bodyguard after another, some not even lasting the day. Riven is determined to be the one that lasts. The only hiccup is that he finds the man extremely attractive and is having feelings he knows he shouldn’t. When it turns out that Harrison is also attracted to him, all bets are off.

Mates, babies, pregnancies, power crystals, guardian dragons and a very determined adversary all come together in this third book of the Skye Dun Clan.


Chapter One

Harrison Greenbelt snarled at the man standing at attention in front of him, face implacable. His latest—and about to become ex—bodyguard.

“You’re fired. Get out of here.”

The man was always in his way and he wasn’t going to put up with it any longer. Three weeks had been enough. It was longer than the man before him, but shorter than the one before that. He hadn’t had a decent bodyguard since Jason had been killed by the bomb meant for him. The man had been sitting right next to him when the world had exploded and nothing had been the same since.

Jason had been with him since they’d come to Vancouver and that was a good amount of years. They’d been friends and he’d trusted Jason implicitly. Jason had known when to talk and when to be silent. He’d never been in the way and yet always there to keep Harry from being hurt. Harry rubbed his cheek. Not a single scar remained from the bombing ordeal, thanks to little Brynn’s incredible healing magic. Without thought, she’d cupped her little hand to his cheek and healed him. He almost wished she hadn’t; the physical scars would have been easier to deal with than the mental ones, he thought. But that was just on his bad days. Which, with another bodyguard fired a moment ago, made this one of those bad days. Sighing, he texted Tinker, their head of security, informing him a new personal bodyguard would be needed. He added <And make sure this one is competent> before clicking the side button and turning the screen to black.

It didn’t stay that way long. It couldn’t have been two minutes later that his phone rang and he glared at it. Shay’s number and his stupid face with its easygoing grin appeared on the screen. Great. Just great. Talking to Shay—talking to anyone—was exactly what he needed right now. He pondered just throwing the thing across the room, but in the end, he punched the answer symbol. “What?”

“Another one, Harry?” Not even a hello. Of course, he hadn’t said hello either, had he? Still.

“Another what?” He could play dumb. It didn’t suit him at all, but he could still do it.

Shay snorted, knowing exactly what he was up to. “Bodyguard. This one didn’t even last a month.”

“He was in the way. I literally tripped over him. Twice.” On that, he wasn’t exaggerating. And he wasn’t in the mood to admit that he hadn’t been paying attention to where he’d been going either time.

Shay sighed. “All right. I’ll talk to Tinker and vet your next guard myself. I’ll get them up to you within the hour.”

Harry wanted to say don’t bother. He didn’t want another bodyguard. He never wanted another bodyguard again. He didn’t need to be responsible for anyone else being blown up next to him. He knew that wasn’t practical though. They all needed bodyguards at the best of time; he was no different. And this wasn’t the best of times, either. “Fine. Shall we take bets on how long it is before I fire him?”

“I’m just hoping he lasts longer than five minutes,” Shay muttered.

“I think I can manage that,” Harry replied sardonically before disconnecting the call with a rather satisfyingly strong touch to the hang-up symbol.

He ran his hands through his hair a few times and stood, moving to look out his office window. It was a beautiful day, the sky bright, the sun making the other skyscrapers in the area gleam and shine. It would probably be raining by nightfall. Goddess knew they got as many rainy ones as sunny. It would suit his mood better too.

This was not in the least bit productive and not making him any less grumpy, either, so he went to sit at his desk and put his head down, diving back into his research. He was on the trail of the power crystal, trying to find out if it was an actual crystal or something else. Not one of them could remember any special crystals in their possession. Oh, they had jewels and jewelry, but something that could be called a power crystal? No.

He thought maybe he ought to start to look into deliveries that they’d had over the last few years. Maybe begin with just after the first bombing and work his way backward, as it seemed sensible that they would have already had the thing in their possession before they’d been bombed. After all, that’s what their nemesis was after, as far as he could tell. They had a nemesis. And it wasn’t W’s mother. That thought actually made the corner of his mouth twitch upward; if he wasn’t careful, he was going to find himself in a good mood. Well, if anything was going to do it, it would be his books and his research.

So he pulled up the invoices for all incoming deliveries over the last five years and began going through them, looking for crystals, jewels, or something else that could possibly fit under the heading of “item of power.” They each had their hoard, after all, and one of them might have the thing stored away without even realizing its import.

The first half-dozen purchases he noticed were his own books, and there were two that he wanted to look up the backgrounds. It would suit him to the bone if the power crystal was actually a dusty old tome of some sort. One thing led to another and he made several purchases as during the course of searching for more information regarding the histories of some of his latest acquisitions.

The tap to the door was very quiet, almost silent. He glanced at his watch—just shy of an hour since Shay had called. They must have had to really search if it had taken that entire hour for Shay to come up with someone for him.

“Come in,” he ordered, looking up as the door opened.

A huge red-headed giant of a man walked in and offered him a quiet smile. “Good afternoon, sir.”

He sat back. “Is it? And who are you?” Obviously his bodyguard, although, surprisingly, the man shouted omega rather than beta. Very unusual for a bodyguard. Omega and very good looking.

“Riven Allsup, sir, at your service.” The voice was soft, gentle, but sure. Which meant it matched both the omega and the bodyguard parts. “Your new bodyguard.”

“Excellent. Let’s hope you last longer than the last guy.”

“Yes, sir.” Riven stood silently, like a mountain.

He looked his fill; Riven was better than a good-looking man; he was almost beautiful. And Harry had to admit that an omega who was such a big guy really was a fascinating contradiction.

“I assume you’ve been briefed?” The general principles were the same no matter which of the three of them were being protected. Hell, he imagined they were the same the world over—the number one rule being: make sure your client doesn’t end up dead.

“Yes, sir. I’ve been personal protection for twelve years.” Riven’s soft voice was soothing, which was a nice change. He’d fired at least two bodyguards for having strident voices that had cut through the air in the most annoying manner.

“Good deal.” He nodded toward the couch in his office. “Feel free to sit while we’re alone in my office or home.” He didn’t see why the man should have to stand all the time, though one guard had insisted on it, looming over Harry like some great carrion-eating bird. He still held the record for the quickest firing at two-and-a-half hours.

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” Riven sat—silent and still and somehow peaceful. There wasn’t a single thing immediately annoying about him, so no obvious reason to fire the man. So far.

Still, as quiet and unassuming as the man was being, Harry found himself looking over at him on a regular basis, distracted. Not because Riven said anything or moved or in any other way drew Harry’s attention, aside from just being himself. Harry simply found Riven fascinating. After what had to be his fifth unsuccessful attempt to look away and get back to his work, he shook his head at himself. He reminded himself that he loved research and could lose himself in it, no matter the outside distractions. It was time to refocus on the rabbit hole he’d been going down in reference to the power crystal. One had to be careful with the internet—not everything was verifiable and opinions were quite often presented as fact. Still, even unverified opinions could be useful in his search and he made note of everything he found.

Riven sat there the entire time. He periodically answered someone via text, and was totally quiet. Not doing anything at all to attract attention, but Harry continued to be distracted by him, looking over at Riven every time he made a note of something and was ready to move on in his research.

On top of that, Harry found himself staring for longer and longer periods of time. Why was the man so distracting when he was doing nothing but sitting there?

It was Harry himself who finally broke the silence. “Do you talk?”

“Yes, sir.” Just that, nothing more. Quietly and easily spoken.

Okay, that was crazy-making.

Harry pushed for more than just two syllables. “Then why don’t you tell me something?”

“Sir? What would you like to know?”

Everything. He wasn’t about to say that, though, was he? “Tell me about your last job.”

Riven actually smiled. “I guarded a very nice gentleman. He rarely traveled, but he had when he was a teenager, and he told a lot of amazing stories.”

So Riven was maybe a much better listener than he was a talker. Perhaps that preternatural quiet and easy manner invited confidences. “And why did you leave him?”

“He passed away. He had cancer.”

“I’m sorry. That’s an awful disease.” He gave Riven a gentle smile; he hadn’t meant to bring up any bad or sad memories.

“Yes. He was a good man. A very good man.” There was that gentle smile again. Riven had a faraway look for a moment, no more than a second or two, before the pretty eyes focused back on him.

He nodded; he didn’t know what else to say about that. And Riven was continuing to prove to be still and silent. So Harry turned his attention back to his research.