The Alpha Dragon’s Instant Family

About The Alpha Dragon’s Instant Family

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 70,000

Page Count (pdf): 286

ISBN: 978-1-77423-175-3

Price: 4.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: Skye Dun, book 1

Genre: Paranormal, MPREG

Date Published: November 23, 2021

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  5

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Alpha dragon shifter Warrington Vol has the perfect life. Everyone has a little dragon in them, but he’s the full dragon king of his high-rise castle, along with his best friends Seamus and Harrison. He might had left his overbearing, aristocratic family behind, but now he has the Skye Dun clan and their successful empire. Too bad his well-ordered life gets a jolt when he meets the man he thinks is his mate at a club, then has to leave him without even getting his name due to an attack on his high rise that leaves Harrison gravely injured.

Sebastian Addams is doing the best that he can. He’s just a guy with wings and a single scale on his cheek, as well as his two younger siblings to care for, so he’s pretty low in dragon society. Needing to provide for his family, he looks to a personal assistant job to a business tycoon, but when he walks into the interview, he discovers the man who loved and left him the previous night without even a real introduction. Sebastian wants to slink away, but he needs this job. Badly.

Warrington, though, is overjoyed that Sebastian has walked into his office – now he doesn’t have to go searching for his mate with nothing to go on. The trick will be convincing Sebastian that they’re fated to be together, which gets more complicated when Sebastian winds up pregnant. But Warrington thinks his instant family is amazing and sets about making Sebastian see it too. Now if they can just stay safe from the bomber who seems determined to put an end to Skye Dun clan, they just might get their happy ending.


Chapter One

Warrington Vol climbed out of his Uber in front of Wicked Wings and raised his head, scenting the air. Booze, sex, sweat, blood, and pheromones filled his nostrils just as the driving beat of drums and electric guitar tried to overwhelm his eardrums. He smiled, so pleased. This was exactly what he was looking for—somewhere he could lose himself in the crowd and let his senses be taken.

He pushed his way to the door and passed a few gold coins to the bouncer. The dragon took one sniff and stepped aside, letting him in. The scents and sounds hit him even harder as he crossed the threshold, the building barely enough to contain them all. W didn’t waste any time looking around. He simply plunged into the crowd, moving his body to the music and rubbing up against anyone whose pheromones caught his attention.

It was a sex soup in here, omegas and Alphas, men and women, colors from onyx to amethyst to gold to beige to mahogany. That’s what he liked about the lower-quarter clubs—anything went, and everyone showed up looking to revel in that.

He closed his eyes and let his nose lead him, let the music move him.

W stole kisses, gropes, as he searched, looking for the yummiest, most intriguing scent in the room. There was a hint of one—something rich and yet somehow light, luscious.

He moved closer and the scent became more enticing. Oh yes, this was the one he wanted. He continued toward it until he was dancing with the man belonging to the scent.

Mussed black hair, hooded lined eyes the color of peridot. Lean and pale, he wore a deep purple corset, dark wings half-splayed at his shoulders. Pretty, pretty.

W shook his head, letting his mane of hair fall around him. He knew his scales were shining in the club lights, rainbow-colored and iridescent across his cheeks and deep into his hairline.

The little omega bowed halfway, eyes twinkling at him, the look naughty, purely wicked. The song turned sibilant, and the little one’s dancing did too.

Fuck him raw. Which he planned to do with this gorgeous little tease. After some more of this wicked foreplay. W moved in close, letting their bodies slide together to the song.

The bright green eyes stared him down, the expression heated and hungry, wanton. It was intoxicating, having such hunger aimed at him and so openly.

They didn’t touch, the omega managing to keep a hairsbreadth distance between them.

He admired the restraint, even as it frustrated him. Holding that gaze, W licked his lips, taking his time with it.

That earned him a smile, a tilt of the head, and the barest touch to his arm. He swore he felt electricity at that contact, flaring between them. He leaned in, not touching, but close enough that when he breathed in deeply, the scent of the omega filled him.

The pure hunger there was like a drug, so sweet, so perfect.

He kept dancing, keeping pace with this morsel of deliciousness and passion. He would do this all night if that’s how this sweet one wanted to play it.

W had to hope he’d get a kiss, a name, a shared orgasm…something. But he could wait ’til morning. He didn’t want to, but this was… an intoxicating feeling.

A slow steady love song began to play, and he opened his arms, offering the dance. The omega moved into him, humming deep and bringing their bodies together.

The tingles alone had been worth the wait, the omega bringing that and more, little explosions shooting from his skin wherever they touched. The sex was going to be fucking magnificent.

“Oh.” That little gasp meant everything, and the omega inhaled deep, breathing him in.

“Mmm.” He bent and rubbed their cheeks together, his cock on high alert, pushing at the zip on his pants like it was trying to get to this lovely boy.

They rocked together, humming deep in their chests, and his little winged one was stiff and erect too. He slid a hand around the slender body, fingers squeezing the pert ass. It fit perfectly in his palm. He drew the omega closer, rubbing them firmly together.

“Hello.” The omega lifted his face like he was begging for a kiss.

“Hi there.” He dropped his mouth onto the omega’s, sliding their lips together.

The flavor was spice and smoke, with a hint of something fiery underneath. He could become addicted to a taste like that.

He shook the thought from his mind and intensified the kiss, drinking deeply. Warm arms wrapped around his shoulders, holding on and keeping him close.

They danced through several songs, the excitement between them building. The pheromones they were generating were incredible, and he knew he was going to have to drill this omega to the wall very soon.

“You want?”

He didn’t even wait; he just nodded. “I want.” W took another kiss to punctuate his point, grinding their lower bodies together.

There was zero hesitation in the kiss, no worry, just a wildness that rocked him.

He needed this omega, needed to fuck and rut and put his mark on the boy. Now. No more waiting. Now.

His eyes rolled as he searched for a place, somewhere, anywhere to take this omega. There was an area next to the bar that opened up into a hall, and he grabbed his omega’s hand and dragged him in that direction.

The omega followed eagerly, pushing him from behind. Someone wanted him just as badly. That made him want the omega even more, the desire like a living thing between them.

Then his ass was cupped, squeezed. Eager! And naughty, bold—he loved it. He moved faster, finding a small office cum storage room with a locking door.

W slipped inside and tugged the omega behind him before slamming and locking the door behind them.

“Hey.” Those eyes were so green, glowing softly, then they disappeared as their mouths came together.

His omega tasted as good as he smelled, and W slipped his tongue in, wanting more. That sweet mouth opened, letting him explore. He pushed the omega up against the wall, rubbing them together as his tongue slid over teeth, gums, and danced with his little one’s.

His hips moved, pumping restlessly, and he needed to be balls deep in that tight ass.

The little omega was trying to climb him, but he needed them to get rid of a few layers first, because he was not going to be satisfied with simply rubbing off. Not that he was getting anywhere with the little firecracker humping him like the world was ending. He got one hand between them, yanking at buttons and tugging at zippers.

“Less clothes,” he managed to growl out before diving back in for more kisses. He was going to bend this beautiful man over the table and drive him into tomorrow.