Teacher’s Pets by Julia Talbot – Lobo Basin Book 1


About Teacher’s Pets

Author: Julia Talbot

Word Count: 25000

Page Count (pdf):  92

ISBN:  978-1-942831-77-8

Price: $2.99

Pairing: MMF

Series: Lobo Basin Book 1

Genre: Paranormal

Date Published: 09/21/2017

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: PDF, EPUB, MOBI


When Cheri moves to Lobo Basin, all she wants is a quiet place where she doesn’t have to worry about the perils of the big city. She’s never had a lot of luck in love, so it’s a complete surprise when not one, but two beautiful local men show interest in her.

Cowboy Josh and handyman Paulo come from opposite sides of the werewolf pack that rules the town, and they had a falling out years ago over the firestorm of lust that burns between them. When they both decide they want the new girl in town, the competition heats up—and so, finally, does their sexual connection.

Cheri doesn’t know what to do with the bickering men or with the bitey little kids in her class at school. Is she terrible for wanting both Josh and Paulo? The boys don’t think so,  and they’e going to have to work together to win their mate and help her understand her nature—both werewolf and sexual.

Note: This is a previously published work under the title Fever for Three. 5000 words has been added to the text.


Josh stared with awe at the tiny little car that pulled up next to his truck. There was no way that thing had made it to Lobo Basin from anywhere in Texas. It had to have ridden on a flatbed or something. Seriously, it was like a wind-up toy. At least it had a Dodge emblem on it. That meant it was solidly built, but sheesh…

The lady who stepped out of the car shouldn’t even be a blip on his radar. She wore a pair of leggings under a man’s button-down shirt that had to be at least fifty sizes too big, horn-rimmed glasses and a pair of ugly flats. The way her hair was pulled back, it looked as if it was a dull, mousy brown.

So why every corpuscle in him stood up and took notice, Josh couldn’t say. Still, even though he’d just hopped in his truck to drive away, he got out and headed back into the store.

She was chewing her bottom lip, looking at the push-button cappuccino machine with a vaguely concerned look on her face.

Damn. Josh was pretty sure he couldn’t help with that and he wanted to help her in a pretty urgent way. Too bad she wasn’t looking at personal massagers. He stuck his hands in his pockets and wandered over.

“I bet Dolly could fix you up with a coffee. Or there’s the diner. I could walk you over.”

“Pardon me?” Bright green eyes flashed up at him, too pretty to hide behind those glasses. Oh damn. He could snap her up. Eat her. Like a rabbit. His cock started to press against his zipper.

“Coffee. I like coffee. You obviously like coffee. We could go have some. Together.”

“Thank you, but I don’t think so.” She turned her back on him, dismissing him, just like that.

He almost took a step back, surprise making him a little stupid. He probably wasn’t all that and a bag of chips but most women at least showed interest in his lanky, blond good looks. He tipped his cowboy hat back, staring. “Is it just me or are you always this rude, honey? I mean, it’s coffee. I didn’t ask if you want to knock boots.”

He got another one of those looks, wide eyed and bright. “Excuse me?”

“Well, you’re new in town and I was just bein’ friendly. No need to get snotty.”

“Snotty.” One eyebrow shot up. “Good Lord and butter, I just need a couple of groceries, not to get harassed and called names. Why is it men always get their pride wounded when a woman is just trying to go about her day? Back off.”

Josh drew himself up, already mentally cursing his cowboy pride. Still, he opened his mouth right up and said it anyway. “Too bad, honey. You could use some loosening up. You’ve got a stick up your ass a mile long.”

“Tell me you don’t have any children.”

The words surprised the living fuck out of him. Josh blinked. “Not yet. Why?”

“Because I’d hate to believe that I’d have to teach children raised with such atrocious manners.” She turned tail and headed right up to Minnie at the cash register, the old bitch grinning at him like the dog she was.

Shit. Josh didn’t know whether to laugh or spit on the floor. In the end, he decided to laugh before grabbing a cup and hitting up the coffee machine, getting it to spit out a fancy cappuccino. He made it to the register before the little gal was done, sliding he coffee down in front of her.

“Truce? I’m Josh Bolton. I’m sorry I was rude.”

“Cheri. Cheri McBride.” Those eyes met his again and he felt that look deep in his balls.

“Nice to meet you.” He was about to ask her about being the new schoolteacher when Cheri turned to Minnie.

“Is there an electrician you can recommend?” Cheri asked.

“They put you in the old Lupin house, hmm? Paulo, honey. He’s the best. Number’s right there on the board.” Minnie’s eyes met Josh’s, challenging. Everyone knew about him and that fucking bastard, Paulo, which was embarrassing enough. To have Minnie give the new lady that asshat’s number, right there in front of him…

“You ought to get you someone in from Lordsburg.” When Cheri glanced at him, Josh shrugged. “Paulo’s only a handyman.”

Minnie growled, so low only Josh heard it. “He’s a journeyman electrician and plumber. He’ll do fine.”

“Excellent. I just need to know my baby laptop won’t explode. It has a bunch of software for the children.”

“What went on the fritz?” Minnie ignored him completely but that was okay with Josh.

That way he could move close enough to scent her. Her shampoo had cinnamon in it. Cinnamon and honey.

“The…” She shivered, and he swore he could see her nipples draw up. “The plug in the kitchen. I need everything checked out.”

“Well, you call Paulo. You gonna buy anything else, Josh, or are you just going to ogle the poor young lady?”

Josh snapped out of his daze, his eyes rising from Cheri’s chest. “I’m good. I-If you don’t mind, Miss Cheri, I might stop by. There’s been rattlesnakes in that house before.”

“Rattlesnakes?” Her eyes went wide.

“Nonsense. Have Paulo spread salt around, that’ll fix them.”

He was going to have to snarl. He did actually growl, subvocalizing enough for Minnie to back off a foot or so. “I’ll drop by,” he repeated. “Soon. Enjoy your coffee.”

There was no way he was letting Paulo have this one.

No way in hell.