Special Teams – Underground, Book #1 – MM

About Special Teams

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 54900

Page Count (pdf): 128

ISBN:  978-1-988028-86-6

Date Published: March 25, 2016

Publisher: Sean Michael

Price: 5.99

Genre: BDSM, Contemporary

Pairing: MM

Series name and number: Underground, Book #1

Heat Rating: 

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When Hunter Simms goes undercover at an underground BDSM party, the last thing he expects to see is SWAT’s leading shooter Keifer Magnessen bound, gagged, plugged and very bare. He is immediately drawn to Keifer, and wants to get to know his fellow cop better. Much better.

With such a high stress job, Keifer needs to give up control on his down time in order to decompress, but it’s a secret he holds close to his vest. So, when Hunter walks into his chosen place to submit, he tries to cut and run. Lucky for him, Hunter is shrewd, persistent and quite possibly just the Dom that Keifer needs.

Can these two strong men find a way to make their personal lives mesh?

Originally published by Torquere Press.


Chapter One 

Hunter Simms walked into the Seven Seconds bar, looking for Jack Mann. Hunt was dressed head to toe in leather, and the feel of it, the scent of it, settled in his bones. In this gear he was a Dom, and he knew it showed.

When one of his witnesses had told him about an underground group doing BDSM, hardcore BDSM, he’d gotten together with Vice, and they’d put together a sting. He looked the part, so he’d been tagged to play the Dom. Ironically, he was one.

His eyes took in the gyrating bodies on the dance floor, the bar flies propping up the bar.

“Hunt, man. Hey.” Jack was huge and solid, a contractor who was one of the toughest sons of a bitch he’d ever known. “How goes it?”

“Jack.” They clasped hands, and Hunt shrugged. “It goes, it goes. How’re you?”

“I’m good. Needed to work out my week, you know? One day I’ll find the perfect sub, until then…” The big guy winked, blue eyes twinkling merrily.

“Until then, right here is perfect enough.” Grinning, Hunt winked right back.

“You know it. There’s a party going on tonight; you still want to give it a looksee? I have to vouch for you, and if I put my name up…”

“Then my behavior reflects on you, I know. I have an itch that only a certain kind of man can scratch, though. I won’t tarnish your good name.”

“I appreciate that.”

God, he wasn’t sure if he was hoping to discover trouble and be the hero or pray that Jack was the honest, decent man Hunter believed him to be.

“So where do we find this party, Jack?”

“It moves from house to house. We’ll walk from here.”

“All right, then. Let’s go.”

Man, if this place was widespread, he’d have to make sure he had all the top players identified before they moved in on it. It could take weeks, months even. Another reason to hope this was on the up and up.

“Sure.” Jack nodded to the bartender. “What do I owe you, man?”

“Coke’s on the house, Jack. Take care.”


They headed out, down to a little neighborhood — nothing fancy, but not trashy. Just a neighborhood. Normal houses, normal lawns, trees and flowers in the gardens.

“No booze; I like that. Is it a rule?”

“No booze. No drugs. If you need to be fucked up to play, we’re not interested, you know?”

That was a very good sign. Hunt approved. “It’s a good policy.”

“We play hard; it’s the only way to be safe.” Jack knocked, and an older man answered, offering a warm smile. “Master Jack.”

“Chris. Good evening. This is my friend, Hunter.”

“Master Hunter. Come in, I’ll fetch Master Daniel right away.”

“Thank you, Chris.” Jack leaned against the wall, obviously relaxed. “This is Daniel and Chris’ home.”

“Chris is a full time sub?” That was ballsy, living it 24/7.

Jack’s head bobbed in agreement. “Yeah. Yeah, full time. It’s a popular thing with this set.”

Hunter glanced past the hallway but couldn’t really see into the house proper.

Full time subs either meant two consensual adults who were in touch with what they needed, or men who were too scared to leave their “masters”. Hunt was investigating to make sure it was the former and not the latter.

He was glad he was the one here doing this. If his CI hadn’t been the one to give them the information, he might have never known about this operation, and someone coming in who knew nothing about the lifestyle might think the whole thing was abuse. Hunt liked to think he understood the nuances at play here.

A thin man came in and hugged Jack. “Hey, man. How goes?” The guy was lean, hawk-like, covered in tattoos.

Hunt checked him out as he and Jack greeted each other. So far he wasn’t picking up any sinister vibes. Sure, he couldn’t always count on his gut, but it was right more often than not and he’d learned to trust it.

He waited for his introductions.

“Hunt, this is Dan. Dan, Hunt. He’s a good guy. One of the best Dom’s I know.”

He shook Dan’s hand and met his eyes. No artifice in either handshake or gaze. Smiling, Hunt nodded. “Nice to meet you.”

“It’s always good to meet another officer. My boy retired just last year.”

“Congratulations to him. Are you in the brotherhood yourself?” Another good sign. Oh, there were bad cops, but a lot fewer than TV would have you believe. He’d never seen Dan before, though, of course he didn’t know every uniform cop out there, either.

“EMT. Come on in, man. We’ll sit and talk house rules for a bit.”

“Sure thing. It’s been a while since I’ve played.” Longer than he usually went to be truthful, but he was busier now that he was a detective and he was finding it harder to hook up safely.  Maybe he was just getting old; he didn’t want someone different every time. He was looking for… more.

They walked into the house, which was… perfectly normal. “Everyone is in the basement, so we’ll speak in the kitchen, if you don’t mind. I need to check my supplies.”

Jack chuckled. “Like Chris hasn’t ensured you have enough water.”

Hunter nodded, though. “That works for me. Better to vet me before I see anything I like. It must be nice, having a full time sub.”

“It’s hard work, but rewarding and necessary. I need him; he needs me.”

“Nice.” Hunt knew it wasn’t what everyone was looking for, but as he was, it was nice to see it wasn’t a myth.

“Basic house rules: safe, sane, consensual. Every sub wears a bracelet with his limits marked. No booze. No drugs. Red light is a house-wide safeword. Failure to respect that is immediate removal.”

“Red light. Got it. I assume if I see anyone going past a sub’s limits I should use the safeword?”

“Absolutely. Our parties are small — ten to fifteen men. I will ask that you observe for a bit. There are three committed pairs, four including me — you’ll know them by the silver or gold bracelets we wear.” Daniel held one arm up. “There are two Doms downstairs and five subs who are unattached.”

“Do you want me to observe only this evening?”

“For a few hours at least. Jack has vouched for you, but it’s important to learn us, how we work.”

Hunter nodded slowly. If these people were forcing men to be subs, making them stay, abusing them, he’d be very surprised. This level of care didn’t come out of a place of abuse.

“Let’s go downstairs. I’ll introduce you around. Ben wants to shave his boy today, head to toe, and he wants an audience.”

“Even eyebrows?” That was some hardcore shit. And wouldn’t that surprise people who thought BDSM was all about whips and chains?

“Everything. This isn’t a punishment, but Pete is having serious issues with hiding from Ben.”

“Ah, Ben sounds like a very wise man.” Inventive, attentive, a good master.

Hunt already liked this group. If it turned out anyone was being held here against their will, if they weren’t good, decent guys, he was going to be extremely disappointed.

“They’re both learning, but they’re getting there.”

“Are they a new couple?” Hunt asked, watching Dan move around the kitchen, triple checking everything.

Jack answered him. “Yeah, Ben has been waiting for Pete for years, but the connection is new.”

“I look forward to seeing them together, then. Watching their scene.”

“It should be intense, emotional. Pete is a fighter.”

Hunt nodded, already affected, just by the conversation.

Daniel chuckled. “Pete used to be a surgeon, and he had a breakdown. Went to work on a construction crew before he started working from home.”

“Those high pressure jobs often produce subs, don’t they?” The best sub Hunt had ever had was a man who ran a Fortune 500 company.

“You know it. We have a number of subs that are desperate to break, to allow someone else in.”

“I enjoy a challenge.” Hunt had to remind himself he was here on the job, not to find someone.

Jack grinned. “Me, I’m looking for a sweet boy, a good bottom who likes a hard fuck but isn’t pushing constantly.”

Daniel’s laughter filled the air. “In other words, you’re not looking for a boy like Keif?”

“Fuck, no. No, Keif needs an owner, not a Dom.”

Hunt’s eyebrow went up. “Keif?”

“One of our unattached subs,” Daniel said. “He’s got the need to be hard-used, broken down. No one man can handle him — no offense Jack.”

“None taken.”

“Is he here tonight?” Hunter asked, intrigued despite himself.

“He’s with our group every night he’s not on call.”

“Is that a yes?” Because he hadn’t heard a yes.

“He is here — plugged, bound, gagged, and, I would imagine, well-sounded by now.”

Jesus Christ. A bolt of pure desire went through Hunt.

Daniel grabbed a case of water. “Come on, guys. Let’s go down.”

“Can I take anything?” Hunt offered.

“Can you grab the fruit bowl? I find fruit to be hydrating, erotic, and less messy than chocolate.”

“You got it.” These guys were pros at this hosting a BDSM party thing, and Hunt found himself once again hoping they were all on the up and up. He wanted to play, not to make arrests.

Following Dan downstairs, he felt his anticipation ramping up.

Instead of a dark, club-like atmosphere, downstairs there was a room with couches, lamps, and pillows. It looked totally normal, at least until he saw the cage in one corner. The massage table. The man kneeling, wearing nothing but a collar.

Hunter took everything in, eyes moving over the men in the room, cataloguing them. The man in the collar had to be Pete; the slender, whip-like man looking on proudly was surely Ben. There were a couple of men sitting together, a few wandering. In the back, bound and ring-gagged, cock stuffed was…

Wait. Wait. Hunter knew that shock of near-white hair, the icy blue eyes. He saw that face every time the SWAT team was called out. Keifer Magnessen.

He was stunned. He was fucking turned on, the half woody he’d been sporting since talking with Dan going full-on hard. Keifer was the toughest little sniper on earth. No way would this man let anyone do anything he didn’t want. That right there vouched for these guys. Big time.

Hunter was used to seeing Keifer in full SWAT regalia, in total control. This was… this was not that. It was quite stunning.