His to Save by BA Tortuga

About His to Save

Author: BA Tortuga

Word Count: 3600

Page Count (pdf): 15

ISBN: n/a

Price: .69

Pairing: m/m

Genre: western/paranormal

Date Published: 04/18/2018 – first published 2007

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: pdf, epub, mobi



Jasper Dean has been a bad man. The Old West drover is at the mercy of the ghost riders when they come for him. Too bad Tanner has no intention of letting Jasper go. He knows the man he loves doesn’t deserve hell, and he’s going to prove it. Somehow.

This story was previously published in the Legendary Creatures Taste Test collection.



Shit. Jasper rolled his shoulders, shifted on the saddle and counted again. Ten. Fifteen. Twenty. Twenty-two. Twenty-five. Thirty.

He’d counted forty-eight of ’em before thunder clapped and the bastard longhorns started mulling around. Goddamn it. He needed to get these motherfuckers moved and running. Needed to before the drovers from the Kinley ranch heard him.

They was mavericks, mostly, weren’t they? Hell, they was just enough to pay out that last bit of work he’d never got a thin dime for, damned Jimmy Dane saying he’d been sleeping when he shoulda been on the herd.

He hadn’t been, either. Not even a little. Fuckers. He’d been on the job but hard, but he hadn’t been porking the boss’ daughter, had he?

Hadn’t planted a baby in her neither, so he had to be the one lyin’.


The thunder crashed again, making him jump.

Damn it! Three steers peeled off and went to the left, right toward the bank that cut away and was sure to break some legs. Before he could turn and run ’em back in, though, a big gelding pushed past his mare and a sharp whistle had the steers falling back in with the herd.

Oh, hell no.


He spent about half a second deciding whether to fight or run.

Running won.

Being a broke-dick drover sucked; being one in jail sucked rocks.