Destination Wedding

About Destination Wedding

Author: Sean Michael

Word Count: 47600

Page Count (pdf): 194

ISBN: 978-1-77423-185-2

Price: 4.99

Pairing:  M/M

Series: Starting Over, book 1

Genre: Contemporary

Date Published: December 21, 2021

Publisher:  Sean Michael

Heat Rating:  3

File Types available: epub, mobi, pdf


Two years ago Royal walked in on his husband Bobby in bed with another man, leaving him a single dad with a three year old boy and a baby girl, who he loves with all his heart. Now his ex and the other man are getting married and they want the kids in the wedding.

Logan received divorce papers when his husband Rick cheated on him, leaving him with a four year old son and another child on the way. He resents having to let his ex have his son every second weekend, but is happy he doesn’t have to share his little girl.

When Royal gets to his room at the destination wedding resort, he meets Logan and the two men get along like a house on fire, commiserating over the fact that their exes cheated with each other, are getting married, and that they want the kids to be a part of the ceremony.

Commiseration becomes friendship, and the kids all consider each other siblings. Can Royal and Logan find more than friendship with each other?


Royal propped himself against the counter at the hotel resort check-in, keeping hold of Pixie’s hand so she didn’t run off. “Leo, stay with me please.”

They just wanted to run around and play, and he didn’t blame them. After traveling since six a.m., he needed to let his own yayas out, and he wasn’t five or two. Why were they here again? Oh, right, his ex’s wedding. He rolled his eyes, then managed to give the girl behind the desk a smile as she caught him doing it.

“Sorry, long day. Royal Lamont to check-in. I’ve got two kids, and we’re with the Rainbow Unicorn wedding.” Only Bobby would have insisted on giving his second wedding a code name and that it be rainbow unicorn. He’d managed to say it with a straight face, though, so go him. He’d been practicing resting calm face ever since Bobby had told him that not only was he marrying the man he’d cheated on Royal with, but that he wanted the kids to be a part of the wedding. Then it had seemed that there was something new—bigger, grander, and no doubt hugely more expensive—every day. It seemed that Bobby’s new man—Rick—was not versed in reeling Bobby in the way Royal had been.

He reminded himself that this was not his circus and Pixie and Leo were the only monkeys that belonged to him. Dress and suit fittings, rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, and then he and the kids had a week at the resort to play and have fun, and just be. He could do this.

“You’ve got a suite on the ground floor so you’re right on the beach.”

“Is there a fenced balcony?” He was hoping to let the kids be outside without having to worry about them running right for the ocean.

“Yes, there is. The fact you had little children was noted in the file. I’ll have your key card ready for you in a jiffy.”

“Thanks. Soon, guys. And then we can go check out the ocean, okay?”

“The ocean! Yay!” Leo cheered, and Pixie joined in with her own cheers.

Oh yay, life was always so much better when they were in good moods. He was so proud of them for not letting all the traveling and mucking up of their routines throw them off too badly.

“Here’s your key card, sir. Room 1027 is down that hall to the right. If you need anything, dialing zero on the house phone will get you the concierge, and room service is five. One gives you the front desk. And I’m to tell you there’s a welcome party for the wedding attendees at eight in the Fiesta Luna ballroom.”

“Thank you.” Eight? Was he expected to bring the kids to something that started at eight after they’d been traveling all day? He took a deep breath. Right. Zen. Calm. He was just here to make sure the kids’ needs were met while they participated in Bobby Dad’s wedding.

“Leo? Brudder?” The sound of his son’s name surprised the hell out of him, and he half-turned to see a tall tanned man holding the hand of a little boy and carrying a small toddler. “Leo!”

“Gage! Hi! Daddy, this is Gage and the baby and the baby’s daddy!”

Well he’d be damned, it was Logan. Rick’s ex-husband, the other cuckold. Which was a pretty old-fashioned word that boiled down to their husbands had cheated with each other.

“Hey, Logan. I see they’ve roped you into this… thing too.” The kids didn’t need to hear what he called it in his head.

“Indeed.” Logan’s voice was dry as dust. “Gage is co-ring-bearer.”

“At least your little one looks too young to be a flower power girl.” He made air quotes around the words flower power girl.

“Emma is not a part of Rick’s family. She’s only eighteen months old.”

He did some quick mental math, coming up with “found cheating” in the early days of the baby cooking. Ouch. Bobby and Rick deserved each other frankly. The only reason he wasn’t wishing them anything more evil than boils on their balls was because of the kids.

“You guys staying past the wedding?” he asked.

“For a week, yeah. The flights were cheapest that way, and I’m not paying for the room and it’s all-inclusive, so…” Logan’s grin was positively evil.

He grinned right back. “We’re doing the same thing. Looks like the boys will have someone to play with.” That had been his main worry, that Leo would be terribly bored and get cranky, but if there was not only someone his own age, but someone he knew? That worked out great.

“And this little one? How old is she?”

“Pixie is two!” Leo said. “She’s a girl. They’re no fun.”

He bit back his laughter, but he knew his eyes were twinkling with amusement. “Leo has been waiting forever for Pixie to be old enough to play with.”

“Yeah, Gage was excited to have a new brother even if he and Leo aren’t technically related.” Logan chuckled. “Are you going to the welcome party?”

“I don’t think so. The kids are going to be in bed by 8. It was an early rise this morning, and all the excitement of traveling. We’re looking to see our room and then hit the waves before grabbing a bite for supper. You?”

“My sentiments exactly. I’m not here to make nice. I’m here because Gage wanted to be a part.”

“This is us right here.” Royal nodded to the door of the room he was sharing with his kids for the next week. “Did you want to meet out on the beach in fifteen-twenty minutes or so? The boys can run their pent-up energy out together.”

“Sounds great. We’re neighbors.” Logan headed to the next door over. “We even share a connecting door.”

“The boys will no doubt enjoy that. We’ll see you out the back in fifteen.” He opened the door, discovering their room was a huge suite with a king-sized bed in an alcove, along with two twin beds. The main room had a dining table at the back next to a sparse kitcheny area and couches, coffee table and chairs in front of the windows and french doors looking out over the balcony and, beyond that, the beach. “Oh, this is nice.” It looked like even their luggage had already been delivered. Bobby and Rick had certainly spared no expense for this Unicorn Rainbow wedding of theirs.

He couldn’t believe this—he was sitting here with his children because his cheating ex-husband wanted to get married. Fucker.

If he could figure out a way to let the kids do their thing at the wedding without having to attend himself, he would.

He went over to the little room service cupboard and fridge and grabbed the can of deluxe mixed nuts, popping it open. If nothing else, he was going to enjoy every single damn amenity the hotel offered.