A New Kind of Feast

About A New Kind of Feast

Author: Lorne Rodman

Word Count: 3600

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Price: .99

Pairing: MM

Genre: Holiday contemporary

Date Published: 12/9/2019

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: pdf, epub mobi


When Paul finds himself alone on Christmas Eve, vainly searching the grocery store for anything like a traditional feast, he figures his holiday will be pretty glum. Then he meets hot fireman Bill over the last frozen dinner. Can Paul and Bill find a way to make the season bright, and start a few new Christmas traditions?


Paul pulled into the grocery store parking lot, scoring a spot right next to the doors. Of course that wasn’t very hard, given his was the only car in the lot. It was late Christmas Eve after all; everyone and their uncle were at home celebrating with family. He could be, too, if he was the kind of guy who lied about who he was.

Paul shook his head and went on into the store, grabbing a cart. There was no reason to mope about that; his family were who they are and had made it pretty clear how they felt about his ‘lifestyle’ and it was easier if he just pretended today was just another day like any other.

He threw some Ruffles chips into his cart and grabbed some dip to go with it. Then he headed over to the meat. There were exactly two turkeys there, both about five hundred pounds each. He thought a little breast with some stuffing would be nice, but there wasn’t anything like that to be found.

In fact, the meat and frozen foods section both looked totally devastated. He supposed a frozen turkey dinner would be better than making a supper of chips and dip, although that would be good with a beer or two…

Score, there was one frozen turkey TV dinner with dressing and cranberry sauce left.

“Oh. You’re gonna buy that?” A deep voice from his left startled him a little. He had hardly seen another soul up ’til now.

“Yeah, I…” He turned to look at the guy and his words faded away. Damn. The voice belonged to a bona fide stud. Like, tall and muscled and wearing a nice tight T-shirt and jeans.

The guy smiled, a little uncertainty trembling at the corners of it. “Okay. Did you, uh, look at the lunchmeat?”

“You want it, too, huh?” He felt bad grabbing the last holiday meal when he was kind of grouchy about the whole Christmas thing to start with.

“Well, it would be way easier, yeah, but it’s cool.” One black eyebrow rose. “So, you alone, too?”

“Yep. Totally solo.” He tried not to sound too bitter, but it was fucking Christmas and his family sucked no matter how much he tried to pretend he didn’t really care.

“Me, too.” The guy kinda looked abashed. “My whole family took off to Mexico.”

“Wow.” Paul blinked. “And they went without you?” He and this guy maybe had a lot in common.

“I was on call until this morning. I’m a firefighter.” The guy shrugged. “I’ll live, I guess.”

The heat that had gone through him when he’d first seen the guy moved through him again and settled in his balls. No wonder the guy was so hot — firefighters just were. It was one of those universal truths.