Wolf Moon

About  Wolf Moon

Author: Minerva Howe

Word Count:  33000

Page Count (pdf): 146

ISBN: 978-1-953438-16-1

Price: $2.99

Pairing: MM

Series:  Alpha Triplets

Genre: Paranormal

Date Published: 02162021

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 4 rainbows

File Types available: pdf, epub, mobi

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Ryder Lowell has been looking for former “worthless one” Chris ever since Chris ran from his family and the safety they offered, thinking he wasn’t worthy of a good home. The last place he expects to find Chris is at a gentleman’s club, dancing and waiting tables. But Ryder knows he’s not leaving without Chris when he leaves that club.

Chris is scared to death that he’ll bring bad stuff to his brothers Ethan and Sam, and to Ryder and his family. He knows Ryder is his mate, and he wants his family more than anything, but he’s not sure what to do when Ryder finds him. A chance accident leads him home to recover, and he knows he’s where he needs to be, but will danger from outside the family threaten to tear them apart?


Chris worked his hips, swiveling them, really grinding it out and flexing his ass. He was in one of the birdcages tonight, which, okay, meant fewer tips, but it also meant he could really put on a show. None of the regulars could get their grubby hands into his silver lame short-shorts.

In fact, from up here, the club took on kind of a surreal glow, and the hungry faces blurred together, and Chris could almost pretend he was just clubbing, dancing for himself or maybe for someone special. Not that he dared to put a face to that someone special. Okay, someone with close-cropped auburn hair and green eyes…

Chris was a firm believer in make-believe. It got him through the night.

Then again, he could also be a realist. A big-time one. So he tilted his head back, letting his long black hair stream down, almost touching the floor of the cage. The customers loved his damn hair. He would let himself just get lost in the music, but that wasn’t how a wolf made money. A little wolf like him made it by shaking his money-maker and letting these fucks believe he might give it up.

There was no way.

He was never giving another fucker anything unless it was his mate, and he offered.

The rogue pack he’d been forced into as a pup had taken enough from him.

He closed his eyes for a moment, trying not to think about his packmates Ethan and Sam and Tam, about his sister Terese and the other pup Nathan. They were safe now. All of them. They had a home, and he was so happy for them.

He was.

Chris hadn’t been able to stay there. He knew better. He wasn’t cut out to live with Mom and Pop Lowell, to be part of one big happy family.

To see Ryder Lowell every day and not be able to have him.

The big wolf was a cop, for fuck’s sake. He arrested people like Chris. And Chris had tried, at the beginning, but Ryder hadn’t seen him at all, so…

So he was a dork.

But he had a job now, a single room of his own above the bar. He stayed quiet, he kept his head down, and he left the customers happy. That put him in good with Newt and Lou, the owners. They liked him, liked that he wasn’t all about the drama.

Chris knew he wasn’t an innocent young wolf who needed protection, like Sam and Ethan. He was pretty sure he’d never been innocent. The main thing he missed was Terese.

He’d protected her, and the others, with everything in him. He’d made himself a target, and he knew she would remember if he stuck around. So he’d left. She’d be better off without him. She could grow up a Lowell and never think about their old life.

A man tucked a tip into the cup at the bottom of his cage, and Chris batted his eyelashes at the guy, going for seductive instead of bored. Right. Work. Shaking it.

He smiled, knowing the guy would think it was for him, but it was for…for…well, he guessed it was for him. Life was strange, but he had a place in it, and he was okay with that.

Especially on nights he didn’t have to worry about lap dances.

On those nights, he was golden.