Thunder Moon

About  Thunder Moon

Author: Minerva Howe

Word Count:  33000

Page Count (pdf): 136

ISBN:  978-1-953438-15-7

Price: $2.99

Pairing: M/M

Series:  Alpha Triplets

Genre: Paranormal

Date Published: 12/29/2020

Publisher:  Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 4 rainbows

File Types available: pdf, mobi and epub

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 Biker Jett Lowell knows rescued wolf shifter Sam is his mate. He just doesn’t know if Sam is capable of taking his lifestyle as a biker, and his needs when it comes to love in stride. So he’s stayed away for the better part of the year, which has been tough in more ways than one, since Sam has been staying with Jett’s family. He missed them all, but when Sam starts talking about striking out on his own, Jett knows he has to act.

Former “worthless one” Sam knows he’s not as fragile or scared as Jett thinks he is, despite his rough start in life. When he and his brothers and sister were rescued, Sam fell for Jett, and he knows what he wants, just not how to get it. Determined to become someone worthy of Jett, Sam starts making plans, but that pushes Jett to make his move. Sam meets Jett passion for passion. It’s not the bedroom that sends Sam running. It’s the noisy biker den Jett runs, and the rough men who remind Sam of his earlier life. Can they find a way to compromise and be the solid couple they both long to become?


“What’ll it be tonight, Jett?”

Jett Lowell sat at the long, scarred up wooden bar at the Wolf and Bear Pub, glaring at his business partner Zane. “We’re not even open.”

“All the better for you to savor a brew, man. I got a new craft beer in from this wee bobcat shifter who does small batches in his basement. It’s good stuff.”

Jett rolled his eyes, trying not to growl. He didn’t need to wave his shit mood in everyone’s face, and Zane was good guy. For a bear. “Fine. I’ll try it.”

“Cool. Thanks. Something bite your butt today? Your bike break down? One of your brothers get hemorrhoids? I hear that folks like you can tell when that happens. When a wolf triplet’s butt itches in the woods, do you all scratch?”

Jett’s lips twitched, even though he tried to keep a stern face. “Yeah. I can tell by the smell when a bear has some sort of crotch rot, too.”

“No shit? How cool is that? Wanna smell my balls?” Zane roared with laughter, the huge man’s joy like a beacon. Asshole.

“Not yours I want to smell,” Jett groused. Damn it, he was sick of being horny and having the person all that energy was directed toward be was off-limits.

“Ah. You still waiting for your little mate to grow up?”

It wasn’t that. Sam was an adult—through and through—a perfect, beautiful, sheltered, protected adult. Not a man who could take the things Jett needed to dish out. He wasn’t going to get physical with some vulnerable little guy.

Jett just shrugged. “Mom and Dad are having a cookout tomorrow. I’m requested to attend. I’m not sure I can stand being there, smelling him, and knowing I can’t have him.”

“So tell whichever brother he’s staying with now not to bring him.” Sam had been bouncing between Ryder’s and Derek’s—visiting his brother Ethan, cleaning Ryder’s house and Derek’s shop in turn.

“That would be mean,” he snapped. “He deserves to be happy.”

“So do you, friend.” Zane’s words were soft, almost gentle, but threaded with steel. “Man, you are a mind fuck, Jett. If he’s your mate for real, he’ll be happy with you.” Zane gave him an arch look. And a beer.

The beer was hoppy and cold, and he had to admit, he liked it. Somehow that seemed to make him even more frustrated.

Zane leaned on the bar to catch his eye, hunching down. “Just talk to him, Jett. Tell him why you’re worried. He might surprise you.”

Jett shook his head, his jaw set. “He had a shitty life, Zane. Those bastards who called themselves his pack hurt him. Beat him.”

“Yeah, but look at Derek and his guy. They’re fine, and he’s only wee bitty.”

“Yeah.” He had to smile at that. “Ethan’s kind of amazing.” He’d spent a good bit of time with his brother Derek’s mate, who had been the reason Jett and his brothers had rescued a whole passel of young wolf shifters from a rogue pack. He loved the guy.

Dear and gentle, one hell of a cook and a snugglebunny—Ethan was sweet as sugar. Jett was looking for something more molasses-y.

And Sam was Ethan’s brother. They were more alike than not, right? It just wasn’t gonna work, no matter how much of an ache it put in the pit of his belly to deny Sam was his.

“I’m just saying, I think you underestimate Sam, is all.” Zane grinned, toothy as hell. “Drink up. We open in ten.”

“It’s all good, man. I just need to keep him at arm’s length for a while longer. The urge has to ease up.” Right? Right.

“Uh. Sure. Ask Derek about that.”

“Why? He never even tried to fight it.” He winked, trying to lighten the mood, but he drained his beer anyway. He really needed to head out. He wasn’t in the mood for a crowd tonight.

Not with having to deal with a family one tomorrow.

“Heading home, buddy. See you later.”

Unlike most of his crew, who lived with Jett in a communal warehouse they’d converted, Zane insisted that he deserved a bear’s den, so Zane lived above the bar.

“Night, Jett. Think about what I said!” Zane called.

Jett sighed. Yeah. These days he really didn’t think about much else.