Frequently Asked Questions

For Readers

How do I create an account?

Go to the Need an Account? page and walk through the steps.

I only see PayPal as an option to pay and I want to pay with my credit or debit card.

PayPal has changed the way they take debit and credit payments if you do not have a card attached to your account and don’t wish to use your PayPal balance. If you wish to pay with a credit card or debit card that is not already attached to your PayPal account, there is a workaround to PayPal’ automatically sending you to your PayPal account. Once at the PayPal checkout page, click Not You? to sign out. At the bottom of the page, click Pay with credit or debit card. If you already have a credit or debit card attached to your PayPal account, just choose the card rather than the PayPal Balance option and stay logged in.

Please use our contact form

if you have any questions or concerns.

How do I download my books? 

Once you’ve gone through the payment process, you’ll be redirected to a page on Turtlehat. Your download link will be on that page. Please choose save as and tell your machine where to save the file. As a very small outfit, we tend to work with other distributors and offer direct sales only as an added value, so we can’t host full reader libraries on our serve. The best way to keep track of what you’ve bought is to create an Turtlehat folder on your cloud or hard drive and save all the books you buy from us in one place. Then back them up in another place, just in case!

What if my book doesn’t download?

Please email help@turtlehatcreatives.com for assistance.

What file types do you offer?

Each author decides what file types they can offer. Most common are PDF, mobi (Kindle) and epub, though not all books will be available in all file types.

How do you decide on prices?

As a boutique style publisher we work with the authors to set the price so that it goes with their indie titles; they send us all book information, including the blurb, excerpt, and price, and we help make them professional and in line with the industry.

Do you keep my financial information?

We never see your financial information. We use a Paypal service called Paypal Standard to take Paypal and cards. Once you click on the payment button in the checkout process, you go to Paypal’s secure server to make the payment. They then transfer you back to us to download your file.

Don’t see your question? We’re still under construction here. Email help@turtlehatcreatives.com with any questions or concerns.