Broken Wolf

About Broken Wolf 

Author: Julia Talbot writing as Minerva Howe 

Word Count: 32168

Page Count (pdf): 134

ISBN: 978-1-942831-94-5

Price: $2.99

Pairing: MMM

Series: Moonlight Mountain 

Genre: Paranormal 

Date Published: 09292019

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives 

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: epub mobi pdf


Sammy ran away from the pack at Moonlight Mountain a few years back, the feeling that he was about to be chosen as a vampire’s guardian too much for him to handle. Little did he know that would drive him away from his best friend and lover, Liam, and into the arms of vampire Abraham deep in the Black Hills.

Now blinded by a battle for territory, Sam is finding his way back to Colorado, intent on finding Abe a new guardian wolf and then ending things once and for all. The problem is, neither his pack mate Liam nor Abe are willing to give him up, even when they feel the pull to be together as well. Can both of the loves of his life convince Sam that even broken he’s worth more than anything else to them?


His Guardian slept.

Abraham sat deep in his vampire-safe home, the windows covered with steel shutters to keep out the sun so he could stay awake all day and all night. He needed to watch over Sam, return the favor of keeping him safe while he recovered.

If he recovered.

Why now?  Abe stroked back Sam’s thick head of reddish hair, the vitality in it belying how still Sam lay, his chest barely rising and falling. The knife wounds left deep tracks on Sam’s chest, and Abe had cleaned them meticulously. They would scar as only wounds left by a silver tipped blade could, but they would heal.

Sam’s eyes…

Abe swallowed hard.

The burns were set in by silver, the damage extensive and irreversible.

His guardian was blind.

Abe shook his head. Two years. He’d had Sam with him for a tiny fraction of his hundred-and fifty-year life. His very first mythical werewolf guardian.

A fluke, yes. Sam had been running from the very possibility of being what he was, leaving a large pack in Colorado so the resident vamp there wouldn’t choose him…

Then they’d met, and the bond had been immediate and unbreakable. Now this.

I’m sorry, Mate.

Shh. You must rest. Abe smiled. He was thinking too loud. His amazing Guardian would protect him from everyone, including himself. You were so brave. So strong.

I tried. I’m so sorry. You must be so disappointed in me.

Never. We’re bonded. No one had ever tried to invade his territory before. Abe had been a lone vamp in the wilds of the Black Hills for nearly five decades. He owned several thousand acres. Fate must have known someone would try to come for him and given Sam to him as a safety measure.

Sam sighed softly, and he felt the tremors in Sam’s arms and legs.

Shhh. Poison was still working through Sam’s system. He knew part of the solution, and he reached up so he could bite into his own wrist drawing blood. Drink, lover. Get well.

Save your strength. You’ll have to find a replacement. Another.

No. You are my Guardian. He’d done his research. That was how it happened. If a vampire was lucky enough to gain a guardian, they stayed together until one of them died. “You are not going to die,” Abe said aloud.

Speaking it to the universe. His will. Sam was not leaving him. Not now.

Not after he knew how good it could be, to have such love. Sam was his mate. Wasn’t that what the wolves called it? Sam called it that.