Acting Out

About Acting Out

Author: Julia Talbot

Word Count: 3548

Page Count (pdf): 16

Price: .69

Pairing: MM

Genre: Western

Date Published: 02/15/2018

Publisher: Turtlehat Creatives

Heat Rating: 

File Types available: pdf, mobi, epub

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Colby and Sean are both bullriders and ex-lovers who get up to some serious fun. When Colby’s recklessness causes an ATV and truck collision, Sean figures he’d better make sure Colby starts acting like an adult. Can Colby convince Sean to live a little.

This story was originally published in the Taste Test: Buck Wild anthology.


The four-wheeler roared, leaving the ground when it crested the hill, and Colby whooped, rising up off the seat so his legs could absorb the shock when he landed. He touched down like a fifty-pound sack of cement, the big machine whomping the ground hard and bouncing.

Grinning like the fool he was, Colby gunned it up another hill, tearing off, throttle wide open. He could get better air than that. He knew he could.

Cutting across the dirt track that ran through his property, Colby made a wide arc, deciding to burn a u-turn and try to gain a little more speed. Then he gunned it and headed back up the hill, the ATV taking off at the zenith and just flying.

He glanced down the hill, which was also bisected by the road up to his place, trying to gauge his landing, and a surprised curse burst from him. Yanking the handlebars, Colby tried to turn in mid-air, twisting his body to add more weight to the motion.

Whoever had parked that big dualie right there was so fired.

The ATV started to turn on him, the sideways motion telling him the landing was gonna suck, so he just let go, kicking off to the side and back, just like he would with a bull, hoping the machine wouldn’t land where he’d bounce off of it.

It landed without him, thankfully, crashing to the ground and sliding along, gouging long tracks in the dirt.

Even as Colby fell, preparing his body to tuck and roll, he could see that damned four-wheeler moving at a high rate of speed, way too fast for anything but the inevitable to happen.

The sound of the ATV hitting the truck was the last thing he heard before he hit the ground with a tremendous thud, and the world went black.


“Jesus fuck!” Sean Landry didn’t know what to do first; check his truck or make sure that no good Colby Dannis wasn’t dead. He decided the truck could wait, so after turning off the ATV, which was buzzing like a chain saw, he trotted over to lean over Colby’s prostrate body.

“You okay?” he asked, because Colby’s eyes were open, and the man was moaning.

“Fuck you, Sean. What the hell were you doing, parking there?”

“Trying to get your attention. I swear, you don’t wear a helmet at home anymore than you do on a bull, do you?”