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Hey y’all!

Julia Talbot has a new release!

Sammy ran away from the pack at Moonlight Mountain a few years back, the feeling that he was about to be chosen as a vampire’s guardian too much for him to handle. Little did he know that would drive him away from his best friend and lover, Liam, and into the arms of vampire Abraham deep in the Black Hills.

Now blinded by a battle for territory, Sam is finding his way back to Colorado, intent on finding Abe a new guardian wolf and then ending things once and for all. The problem is, neither his pack mate Liam nor Abe are willing to give him up, even when they feel the pull to be together as well. Can both of the loves of his life convince Sam that even broken he’s worth more than anything else to them?

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BA Tortuga has a reprint available for .99

Buttoned-down and somewhat repressed lawyer JD desperately wants to break free of the closet and explore his love life… and coffee shop owner Todd is just the man to take him on a wild ride through pleasure, need, and his most secret desires. Maybe even love.

Todd and JD go together better than coffee and pastry, they must get tackle JD’s issues, Todd’s worries about his old life, and confront the homophobic boss who wants to keep JD under his thumb before they can sample the sweet, sexy delights waiting for them.

This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

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