More .69 shorts have been added to EPB!

His to Save by BA Tortuga

Jasper Dean has been a bad man. The Old West drover is at the mercy of the ghost riders when they come for him. Too bad Tanner has no intention of letting Jasper go. He knows the man he loves doesn’t deserve hell, and he’s going to prove it. Somehow.

This story was previously published in the Legendary Creatures Taste Test collection.

The Spice of Life by Julia Talbot

When Brian stops on the way home from the grocery store to grab a few adult toys, his lover Colin is completely unaware of what he’s in for. Thankfully, Colin loves Brian’s games, even if they involve plugs and more!

This story was previously published in the Plugs Toy Box collection.

Find them both on the .69 story page, listed chronologically, here: click for the stories!


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