MMF menage reprint from Julia Talbot

Hey y’all!

Lovers of Her Dreams is up here at Evil plot Bunny. I love this MMF menage so much. Tattoos and shifters and dreamwalkers and steaminess.

It didn’t get a fair shake with the publisher, who stopped paying us a month or so after it came out, so if you havent had a chance to read it, I hope you’ll give it a try! It has an amazing new cover from Kris Norris.

Savannah doesn’t want to believe in magic, even when she knows it exists. So even though she keeps having incredibly sexy dreams about two beautiful men, she tries to ignore them. At least until she wakes up one morning with a new tattoo and no way to account for it. She turns to her hot neighbor Tim for help, since he knows a tattoo artist who might be able to explain. Tim and Ryder are more than buddies, though. They’re the lovers who have been invading Savannah’s dreams.

Werewolf Ryder and dream walker Tim have wanted Savannah since she moved in next door. They desire her enough that Tim can’t stay out of her dreams, and Ryder is marking her in their sleep. With their lust out of control, they need to find a way to help bring out Savannah’s magical side, and draw her into their loving circle without driving her away.

This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

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