A Lover of Men by Julia Talbot

Hey y’all!

This is a repub, an orphan from ARE. Originally published Dec 2016, I think it got the shaft as far as promotion and love, since it was the only MMF of this “collection”, and I think the only historical.

I love this book. Love love love. I added nearly 2k in this incarnation when I realized I was telling not showing at the end and fixed it.

So. I give you the MMF menage A Lover of Men

A former soldier, a spy, and a spinster…can love heal their wounds?

For spinster Lelia August, first came the small fortune then came the hoard of unscrupulous characters wanting a piece of it—or more specifically, a piece of her. She decides to find a suitable man to marry, someone who won’t want her to submit to the marriage bed. She settles on ex-soldier Phineas Moore, who has a reputation as a lover of men.

Phineas is intrigued by Lelia’s offer and thinks a marriage of convenience might just work for them. But when someone tries to kill his future wife, Phineas vows to protect her and find who’s responsible. He hires the irresistible spy Rafe Gaudi to investigate, and soon realizes he’s outsmarted himself. Can Rafe and Phineas figure out who’s plotting against the woman they’ve come to love, and can they even hope to dream of a future where the three can become one?

This book has been previously published. The publisher has changed and 2000 words have been added to the text.

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