Reprints — Matchmen Ltd. and Black of Night by TC Blue

TC Blue is ready to get her books back out there in the world! Check out her classic Matchmen Ltd. and a more recent release that was out with the now defunct Torquere Press LLC, Black of Night.

Many, many men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles’ premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn’t been able to make a match for himself, and when his ex — the man who tore his heart out years earlier — comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.

Between Trevor and his not-so-ex, AJ… Melody Michaels, Trevor’s happily involved receptionist (aka Melvin Michael Mumerford) and a not at all closeted rock star, and Adam, another ex-lover of AJ Robins’? Complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Between heat and attraction, difficult pasts and questions of trust, can they manage to find their way around their difficulties and find the love they all deserve?

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Someone is killing redheads in Madison, California, and Matthew Blake wants to know who. As a vampire, he’s not supposed to get involved with human problems, but his customers at the diner where he works are upset, and when he uses his ability to access one of them, he suspects it isn’t something natural that’s hunting in his town.

Rory Coltraine steps in to manage the diner when his uncle’s illness draws him back to Madison. He feels an immediate attraction to the abrupt, borderline rude night cook. But wolves don’t mix with humans, or not sexually, anyway. That doesn’t mean he can’t make an exception.

But Matthew’s not human, and neither is Rory, and the redheads who are dying are Rory’s Clan. When they do finally give in to their mutual attraction, it changes things for both of them.

Between trying to hunt a hunter, dealing with vampires, and the burdens of their places in the world on top of it, can two very different men find time for love? Of course they can.

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