We’re (I hope) all up and running!

Well, at least I hope we are! Welcome to Evil Plot Bunny! We’re not a publisher or even a distributor. What we are is a bookstore, opened by a few authors who are tired of working hard and not getting paid. This is a direct sales outlet for our self-published works and reprints, and we hope you enjoy poking around and looking at what we have to offer!


Julia, BA, Kiernan and company

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Questions. (Sorry I didn’t see a contact us link so here are my starter questions/comments for you.)

I see downloads are by ZIP file. If I just want a specific format like epub any option to do that?

Will there be different sort capabilities down the line? I specifically would like a sort by date field. Just having an alpha listing under each sort with all details by link sorta clunky as the list gets bigger, and you all are prolific authors, it’s gonna get much bigger. Since I already own many books by most of your authors this makes a quick look at the listing almost impossible as I have to crosscheck my downloads file.

Can each listing at some point include the cover for clarity and information? Again, links clunky.

Will these books be available elsewhere like AZN or BN, or is this a here-only website?

And let’s be professional …. the not screwing authors comment above is unnecessary. You’re pissed and you should be BUT this is a sales website not your blog!


Hi there

I’m sorry you didn’t find the website helpful. The books were loaded to Amazon yesterday, but some of them are taking a while in review. We’ll be posting each book as it comes up on the cart on the main blog so it’s searchable by date in the front page search window. I added a contact page, but there’s also contact info on the FAQ page. None of us are professional website creators, so right now we had to go with a stripped down and very simple blog style website. Covers are available on all author pages, and on the series page, and as I said, each book will get a post on the front page. Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We do appreciate all suggestions.

Hiya 🙂 I just wanted to say that it’s fab that you’ve your own page to sell your books now. I love the name BTW.

Will your older stuff be here too someday? I lost quite a few books in the ARe disaster (I couldn’t save 2000 books from the crashing site) so I’d love to rebuy, for example Sean’s Velvet Glove series or BA’s bullrider books.

It’s great that you guys don’t give up, it’s amazing. I hope you keep on writing, I love all your books.


Hi there! We are going to be putting up all of our reprints eventually. Sean assures me there are 150 books or so to go up. BA’s Roughstock books are mostly out with Pride Publishing so we can’t list those here. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs, Julia

Hi glad I found this site because the closing of so many book publishers/distributors I have lost contact with many authors that I loved. I don’t know who has new books. I was looking on Amazon but I like reading ePub format not kindle. But this site is confusing.

Any help for me?

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